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September 25, 2008



Ooooooohhh, that was so sweet Laura!! Love it when I see your sentimental side...
What a great guy he is! He certainly does a lot for you. I really should make a list like this for my DH, cause I think its easy to remember all the things they don't do instead of the things they do.
And I love the pics of him with the kids. Super cute!

Nancy Mackey

Wow, what a keeper!! So sweet to read!


How sweet is this to read!!??!! It's so refreshing to hear about husbands/dad's doing so much around the house even when they work a lot. A list like this would put me in check and remember all the great things I get help with too ~ thanks for the reminder...off to make a list :)


Well you're a lucky girl Laura...but you already know that. Great to have someone who doesn't take you and all you do for granted:-)I know what you mean about the computer...having it to yourself is the best :0))


Gorgeous photos. I hope you have had him cloned, they don't make too many like him.

Sasha Farina

omg laura... this is so sweet! so very sweet.


awwwwwwwwwww . . . that is just about the sweetest pic i've ever seen . . . what a guy! :D

Wendy Lojik

Awesome Guy!
I am so glad you have such a great husband!


Laura, you have a lovely hubby! I take my guy for granted all the time. But since he puts up with my scrapping/stamping stuff permanently all over the dining table, I can't complain either.

Maria T

what a great guy!


Laura, what a lovely story. And that picture is so sweet, who would't love him.

Laura T.

Laura - He sounds like an AWESOME guy. I definitely would say he does a heck of a lot. LOVE that he cleans the house (especially the bathrooms).

He is definitely a keeper!


Great post Laura...it is always good to make these thankful lists to remind us how lucky we are. Sometimes when we are cranky wives it is hard to remember just how much they do help out. I love the pictures of the kids and him on the couch hanging out.

Cherri Engle

You are a very blessed woman. I know you already know that. Thanks for sharing that blessing in your life.

Kate H

That photo with the daycare kids is precious. I'm sure it makes their mommies feel so good that they are loved so much at your house. My provider's husband even took the day off of work to watch my son once when she was going to be out of town. I thought that was so special!!

I'm glad you shared about him today!


what a sweet guy, Laura! It's awesome that you have such a great husband.

Sara Rossi

Laura, he's a total KEEPER!! A guy like that is hard to find, 'cept I found one just like him!

Wendy Myers

I wondered if you had a hubby!!
I had never heard you mention him before. You not only have one it sounds like you have a Fantastic One!!
Tell Joe Thanks for all he does so you can share your creativity with us!!

OH and do you rent him out??


He sounds wonderful! I think you should rent him out....


I have one question Laura...does Joe have a brother JUST LIKE HIM???? I get first dibs, if he does ;)lol



You are so blessed to have a very caring man in your life. I am sure he thanks you for not taking him for granted.

Sandi N.


ok, he definitely has earned some honorary angel wings. What a sweetheart!

Krista Lund

ah! i just loved reading this! sounds like you have a keeper! lucky you!

Lynn G

Just reading this now Laura. Joe sounds like an amazing man. It's the little things - like picking up coffee or unloading the dishwasher - that really show you just how much he loves you and is thinking about you. My hubby is the same way .... and I thank my lucky stars every day for that!


Dear Laura,

Even I can't compete with a guy like that. Shoot, I'd just about leave Faith for him myself. Glad to know you're well taken care of.


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