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September 16, 2008


Sasha Farina

oh which reminds me.. I need to feed my LoveFrog! *sigh* LOL...

Pamela Knopf

Laura, Wow, that was just too, too, precious!!! They have a creative eye just like their talented mom!


Good for you Laura for documenting this with blogging it and photographing it! All too soon these kinds of things will no longer happen. Not to be depressing, because it's good when they grow up too, but those little things that happen (such as this) are what makes for smiles later on when you think back on them.

Stacy Johnson

So cute...looks like something my 3 yr. would do when she plays with her 12 yr. old sister's Webkins.


Kids crack me up! My kids love Webkinz, and I took some pics of them at my mom's house a few weeks ago, but the lighting was awful, so I have to redo them! I see a Webkinz layout coming soon! Maia just got the bat, and she is in love!


They look like they're all at the drive-in! Don't you remember cramming as many people as you could into a car to go to "Five Bucks a Carload" night? We'd have about 10 people in the car, and we'd all unload our lawnchairs and blankets from the trunk and set up...there were always a lot of parking spaces taken up by PEOPLE!

Krista Lund

ah! so cute! i love it! when i am playing with katelyn i do silly stuff like that too. i can't wait to see how her mind plays as she grows. i really am a kid at heart :)

Nancy Mackey

My girls do stuff like this too, they used to do it just to show me; or for some sweet gesture- but their older now... sweet sorrow.


Too cute - we love the webkins too! You'll have to make us an inspiring lo w/ webkins so we can all scraplift it :)


Too cute! I have learned to appreciate my children's creativity, even when it is in the most inopportune spot and my first instinct is to make them come clean it up. This made me smile!

Laura T.

So cute - so did it freak you out having all of them stare at you while watching TV? Were you watching 90210?

Alicia King

that is funny! I remember playing with those fisher price toys!


This is so very cute. I love how they used all their toys to create this, including the school bus. Great active play!!!

This morning before school my DD was walking all her Webkinz around the living room. She said, They needed to stay fit to have good hearts.

Do you ever sneak and play games in Webkinz world? Most moms I know do, to earn extra money for their children to play with. I am so guilty of this.

Sandi N.


I love stuff like this! Kendall does stuff like this and I leave it too cause it reminds you that you children were there. Even did a Mr Potato Head page on it.
So cute!

Sara Rossi

How CREATIVE are they?? So who did it or was it a joint venture??


These picts are priceless! You know your girls posed those pets just for your enjoyment. You must scrap them.


Hey Laura! How cute is that!! That is also familiar as my kids sometimes get neat ideas with their webkinz too. They also love playing with their sets of littlest pet shop. Brendan also likes to join the pet shops buddies with ninja turtles or little lego guys. It sure is fun to see their imagination at work!

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