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September 17, 2008



Cute LO Laura! Love the colors. I was going to ask you if that was the whole sheet on there but you answered my question! So happy to see some more of your LOs! More on Friday, yeah!
...and love all the MM stuff!

Sara Rossi

Love a good QUICK LO!! Never would have thought to use the entire pg of fun fetti but it works!! Can't wait to see the next one!

Creative busy bee

These are lovely. I am your 'fan' and "checking" your blog every day!!!


SWOOOOOOOOON.. I so love everything you create girl!!

wendy sue

What a great layout -- I can't believe you did it in 30 minutes! Funny...I just used an entire sheet of wordfetti stickers (a different set) on a card I made - two days ago - what a coincidence...I'll have to share it with you! ;) Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Friday! :o)



Wow...this layout turned out so cool! I love the colors, balance and theme. She will love it.

If you need photos for a certain theme, color, or age. Let me know if I do not have it. My friend is a photographer. Mostly brides and children.

After I return from my weekend. I have a photo I took of my DD wearing the same black top your DD wore a few weeks back.


Laura T.

Sweet layout - love all the MM stickers. OK, so it only took you 30 minutes --- for me, it would have taken me days (lol).

Lynn G

Okay seriously ... cutest thing EVAH! I will so have to lift that idea girl since I have tons of those word fetti sheets and always seem to forget to use them. Rockin' layout and I love that it only took you 30 minutes - when it works, it works! :)

Alicia King

that looks great with all the stickers! I have been tempted to do that before!

Brenda Hurd

super super cute! And i would be bragging if i did a layout in 30 minutes too! Impressed!


That is so cool - the WHOLE sheet of stickers & 30 minutes - love it!!! What a cute pic of Megan too :)


I do believe you can not NOT make a gorgeous layout. My dear, this is amazing!

Megan Cristello

Alright, so I showed her..and she LOVED it..she said, "can we put it in my room? Pleeeeaaaassse?!"

Thanks again..for doing all of these for me..like I said, if your ever in Orlando..you and me sister!

Sasha Farina

whoaa... entire sheet!!! what a fun idea!


Wow! I absolutely love this layout...I've wanted to use those stickers forever and didn't quite know how to do it...Thanks for the inspiration!

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