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September 03, 2008


wendy sue

Cute, cute, cute photos! Love the tip too. I do this on occasion, but now I want to do it more!! (oh, and I'm with you -- I ALWAYS wear socks...even to bed when it's hot outside...gotta have my socks!!) :o)


Girl lovin the tip .. as I am always searchin haha .. love it..

Sara Rossi

CUTE pics (of course)! I love how GREAT the pics came out considering you weren't aiming!! Of to the MM blog to check it out!

Alicia King

these are all great shots Laura! beautiful kids you get to watch!


Love these photos Laura! Especially the final one! I wear socks ALWAYS too! That last photo is priceless!


This is the perfect tip for me and I love all the inspiring photos!


Love these pics! And great tips!! All your babies have gorgeous eyes!! I think I have the same coffee table as you too. LOL! I'm the same way with socks and they gotta be thin and short-year round!

Lynn G

Adorable pics and great tips! I've been doing this a lot lately as well. I love that look from above - makes their eyes just open right up for the camera! :)

Krista Lund

great tip, laura :) tfs.
what do you do to edit your pics?


Laura what great tips. I am finally going to see my granddaughter this weekenkend and will keep these in mind. Don't think I will be climbing on the table but my husband might do it for me. Thanks. Great photos!


yike, I hit post before I checked typos!


love all your great examples. that last one is my fave. white socks and a bad example. classic. :D

Brenda Hurd

super fantastic photos - i love how it looks like thier eyes are just glowing - beautiful - that is too funny because i HAVE to wear socks too!

Sasha Farina

you always take great shots of the kids, Laura!~


Too cute and what a fun new perspective to try. Love the last pic for N trying to copy you - lol!!

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