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September 14, 2008



cutie patootie! and i'm lol at the missing cheerios pp. love the twittering. might need to look into that . . . :D

oh! and love the hair/new pic! :D


Love the new pic Laura! Your hair does look great...you should keep it!
That is so cool how Sarah was a finalist in that contest! I can't imagine how excited you were when you saw her pic in the magazine. And I love the LO, it is so perfect for those photos and the article!!
And I agree about meal times...I literally stress out trying to figure out what to feed them. They are so picky and I'm running out of ideas, although they ate well tonight!
Love the Twittering too...way cool!

Sasha Farina

oh my goodness... Sarah, you brought a huge smile to my face!! Laura.. those are adorable!! LOL!

Megan Cristello

Love the layout, but it looks like you didn't find that cheerio paper..but I think, it worked out just fine with out it..perfect!

I laughed when I saw you jumped on Twitter..so funny..but I'm glad you did..but watch out, it can be kinda addictive!


What a super cute lo - how fun!!! Not sure I've seen you do such a themed lo and it looks great - lovin the colors big time and love that envelope to tie it all in!

I've never heard of twitter - but it's fun to read em. Ditto on the new pic - it's really pretty and I like your hair & the blue shirt - Joe did good :)


Love this layout and the story behind it. The photos are great, too.
Laura, I have a 4 x 12 photo of dry cheerios -- I'd love to send it to you, if you want to somehow add it in. I can't help you with the cheerios paper, but you're welcome to take this photo. I forget the company that makes/sold the photo but years back it was a company that sold photos of everything and I collected tons of them. I've already done a "Cheerios Kid" layout of my son, and this was an extra.


oh how cute is she...that is awesome to have a layout and the magazine all together like that. I too love your new picture..you have great hair!

Laura T.

Love those messy spaghetti sauce faces --- have a layout of Nicholas when he was little looking the same way.

Love the colors in your lunch layout.

And about twittering --- I keep seeing this on many blogs too - I think I'll have to look into this.

Wendy Myers

Next time you can't find that special paper, you should try scanning whatever it is and making your own personalized paper. Ex: You could have put a bunch of cheerios on your scanner and made your own paper!

Very cute layout, love the envelope especially that circles with the paper behind.

wendy sue

Love the cheerios story AND layout - that envelope is so great! And the "lunch" layout is super fun too! :o)


That is AWESOME!
I betcha I have that Cheerios paper in my stash...LOL!
What a cute layout, and fantastic memory for her.

Heather Crawford

Love how you scrapped these pictures..on both layouts..that envelope is perfect! great idea! ..and your "twittering is hilarious"..yes, I know about snot on black pants..when Bailey gets a runny nose, look out ..can't imagine multiple ones!...love your new pic of you too! you have beautiful eyes! would love to take some shots of you, if only we didn't live on opposite sides of the country! :(

Alicia King

such cute layouts, love the polka dot paper down the middle! how fun for her to win a cheerios contest! too bad it wasn't honey nut, or the colorful kind that they have now! lol! I was just thinkin' about twitter-ing too! ...and thanks for the comment, you're definately not a blurker!

Krista Lund

good for you for getting those pics scrapped! i've got to check out twitter- it looks cool!
what is cowboy spaghetti? i love spaghetti!

Sara Rossi

Sarah looks SO CUTE wearing her spaghetti!! How COOL is she for placing in the contest?!?!?! ABSOLUTLY LOVE the LO & the bright colors! SO SO FUN!

The daycare kiddies eating their lunch look so sweet & innocent! Love the bright colors on that one! You sure are on a "food" kick!

BTW--consider yourself followed on twitter!


How cool! Thanks for sharing! She should have won! :-) Loving the layouts, too! I have been so busy lately, but hopefully our computer woes are over and I can get back to my blogs! :-)



Wow the kid you watch are so cute! Great job on this layout.

The first layout is so wonderful. I really like how you used the stamps and circles to make a functional background. It will be fun for Sarah to pull those out and see these treasures as she grows.

I really like the link to Megen's site. Her photos are so crisp and clear.

Sandi N.


Great layout! And I love the new photo of you on the side :)


I have that cheerio paper! I so would of sent it to you! I love what you did though without it!!

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