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September 21, 2008



It's hard to believe those girls are almost grown up! My best friend had both Ashley and Kayley in fifth grade! Great pictures! Thanks again for the actions info- I am exhausted from this weekend! Doesn't seem right to go into a work week feeling this way!

Sasha Farina

gorgeous girls, beautiful photos Laura! can't wait to see what is that you're working on!


Laura they love it so really you don't have to thank them. Heather and Holly really love Alyssa and Sarah too. It funny until you took these photo's of them I really didn't realize how different they look now with Heather's new hair cut. They are too funny always wanting to look really different.
Thanks again for being a great friend!
Oh yea and I would have had a lot of pictures of them however they are not so good about posing for me any longer I am not quite as fast with the camera and they always say it takes too long LOL.


How cute are they!?!! Can't wait to see the lo's :)

Sara Rossi

Great pics! Can't wait to see the LO's!



Your friend's girls are so pretty. At this age it is hard to get in front of the camera. They did a great job. Looking forward to seeing the project these photos go on.

Sandi N.


Cute pics Laura and cute girls...I'm sure they didn't mind. They came out really great. All the tween/teen girls I know LOVE their pics taken!


yay for pretty girls who like to be photographed! (i wouldn't know anything about that . . . well, there is page . . . yay for page!). :D

Lynn G

Those are great photos Laura! Can't wait to see what you're working on!

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