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October 15, 2008


Heather Ruwe

saw this on the mm blog. GREAT job on the LO. I love the mix of mm and hero arts prodcuts. thanks for sharing! :)


How fun is that!?!?! CUTE xmas lo of the girls. Congrats on getting to participate!



You did a great job. I love how you are using more stamping in your layouts. You make everything "pop". Your designs are eye catching. Thanks so much for sharing a a chance to win some goodies.

Sandi N.


Ok so I had to post again - I just read your second twitter update and laughed outloud about your 'cleverness' - lol!!!!

Sara Rossi

Already checked out both blogs. LOVE how you mixed the products & all the stamping! The girls look so sweet in that pic! So happy to see they picked you for this! Your talent is ENDLESS!!


I saw both of these bright and early this morning. You are all over the place woman- go you! Oh and I love the layout you did with the Fa La La line.


wonderful projects. thanks!!


Very cool!

Heather Crawford

ooooooo, Laura..those projects were super duper! love those stamps you used!


Great ideas, Laura! Thanks for sharing! I need to get some Hero Arts stamps now...you are such an enabler....:-)


Just love your layout combining MM and hero. How can you miss. Great job. Gives me some good inspiration.


Love it!!! Aaaaannnd... I saw your Sayler layout in Scrapbooks, etc. yesterday, too! COOL!!! I was so happy to see it!!!


Oh congrats Laura!!!! What an honor for you. That is amazing!!

Sasha Farina

I saw and I love what you did for them Laura!! Wooohooo!!


Really cool idea to team up with Hero! I saw Hero did that with KI too!

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