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October 07, 2008



wow! how cool! lucky lucky you!!!

Shaun Paddock

Congrats on the golden ticket. What is the golden ticket?



Ohhh, how exciting, congrats.


I am so envious right now LOL

Lisa M

Wow! So cool! Congratulations! I ordered mine too, and am chomping at the bit for it to come in!!

Happy Tuesday!

Sara Rossi

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's FANTASTIC!! I just read what that's all about the other day--you are a LUCKY girl!!

Ummmm so you got your kit already?? Truly LUCKY YOU!!


Woohooo Laura...you lucky ducky. Have fun with your new goodies:0)


Holy Moly! Lucky gal!


Woohoo! Doing a SUPER happy dance for ya! :)


Oh your soooooooo lucky!!! I tried to order that kit yesterday and it was gone.. i was so bummed!!

Heather Crawford

oooooo, that WAS a good mail day! congrats!


Congrats Laura!! That was a cute kit. OK...you need to translate this for me. What does the ticket mean?? Do you get to visit the factory??? LOL!


OK, I should have googled that before I commented. LOL! That is really cool!!!


Now I know people really do win the Golden Ticket - lol! CONGRATS!!!! Makes the KOTM that much more special huh!?!?!

wendy sue

woohoo!! Now I hope you win the trip to Utah so you can come visit me!!! :o)

wendy sue

woohooo! Now I hope you win the grand prize with the trip to Utah so you can come visit me!!! :o)


Procrastination is not paying off for me in this case! I finally decided that I wanted the Sep KOTM and it IS backordered! OH I was SO MAD! But! I am really happy for YOU! What a great mail day! Aren't they just the best???

Sasha Farina

you're so lucky!!! wooooooohoooo!!! Congrats Laura! I will be waiting to see the goodness you create from that kit!

Heather Ruwe

Congrats Laura! That is awesome! :)


If you win that trip...you know you can stay here, I am about five minutes from CK. And Heather is about 1/2 hour. We could have a PaperNuts reunion! Wheeeeeeeee!

Congrats on that!

Alicia King

oooh! Lucky you! Congrats! I too am the biggest procrastinator!



I am so happy for you!!! It could not have happen to a sweeter person. Best of luck being the winner of the contest!

Do you think you will be ordering Oct. KOTM too? It looks so sweet and perfect for all the daycare kids.

Sandi N.

Laura T.

Congratulations - what a nice surprise!!!

candi tardio

how SUPER exciting!!! way to go girl :))))


Very cool, Laura -- Congratulations!

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