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November 12, 2008



HAAAAAAAA! love the pics! well, except for the stripes on the couch . . . ouch! :D


cute cute cute. Isn't it so bad that we laugh when they get startled like that?

I hear more and more about shooting in raw but I hesitate because as they say once you start you never go back...and it would eat up a lot of computer space or you need tons of external hard drive...do you find that as well?

CS Lau

Very cute photos! Just wonder the dollhouse very good guality huh!!!


Too funny those two are little climbing monkey's! I know I have said it before but their parents are so lucky to have you because not only do you take such good care of them but you capture the true essence of their childhood and make copies for the parents now that is really cool.


Oh, they are so cute together!! All I can think of is how I broke this wooden shelf in my closest last night when I tried to use it as a step ladder. Kids definately have an advantage to using anything as a stepstool!
thanks for the info on the camera settings. I wrote it down so i can try to use it. I know this sounds dumb but how do you bounce the flash off the walls or ceiling?


I shoot in Av most of the time....LOVE that mode. Set the f-stop, the camera sets the shutter speed. Can't shoot in M much yet, though, if I'm in a studio I know the settings to use, and when I shot my church's fall festival, I used an external flash in M!

What photo program do you use, and do you have a RAW plug-in? I'm wanting to move to RAW but don't have the plug-in needed...luckily, last time I decided to shoot in RAW and chose RAW+L so I didn't lose my pictures! (the barn is on my blog - LOVE what it looks like)

Nichol Magouirk

SO cute!!!!


I SO need a flash - these look really good, Laura! You don't give yourself enough credit! :)

Brenda Hurd

cute - thanks for the camera tip. I need to figure mine out to get better indoor pictures. Love the birthday pics below too!



What a set of sweet photos to share. My girls also watch DH when he mows too. I never thought to take photos. I do have a photo of her following him with her bubble mower as he is mowing the lawn too.

Have a great night!

Sandi N.

rebecca s.

So cute....

Sara Rossi

Isn't it amazing how enthralled the kids get by the landscapers? It cracked me up to see them standing on the dollhouse!! Our guys were here on Monday doing the leaves & Gianna was mesmerized!!


They are the cutest things! I love how you captured them standing on the dollhouse. I was hoping to see them falling off the dollhouse when they saw the blower. LOL! You really take nice photos.

Sasha Farina

hey... record the 'thank you laura' from the handosome little man :D

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