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November 25, 2008


erin yamabe

those are beautiful!


Love the look of these books Laura...so professional looking. And I love the pics on the front of the newest one! I remember clearly how much trouble you had loading up your book last time!! Hopefully it will be easier this time around!
I receive emails from Kendall's kindergarten teacher every month with photos and stuff that they learned. This would be a great idea for parents to purchase...if someone volunteered to upload everything :)

Heather Moll

those are awesome, laura! i totally want to do one with my blog too!


Thanks to you blogging about blurb I plan on doing this as well. This is my first year of blogging. I think that creating these books is a great idea...kind of like a journal. Thanks for sharing.


Wow Laura! These are beautiful!!! I guess I'll have to try and make one too since this is such a great idea.

Sara Rossi

How cool those must look all together on the shelf! I need to do some of the 12x12 books for some older Disney trips like you suggested--there's no way I'll catch up otherwise! I really like how those look! Need to do a little research after Thanksgiving.

Mary MacAskill

Laura, do you mind explaining how you make them through them? Do you just create an account and then it just pulls all the info from your blog? What about layouts and things that you've replaced with a "just for pub" sign? What about drafted posts? And are you allowed to add extra photos? I always size my photos down for screen - will that matter? And I know you told me, but humor me would you and tell me how expensive they are? :)

sasha farina

they look awesome hey... you will treasure those books so much I know.. i wanna do up some too.. maybe .. maybe not. :D


Great idea, I'll have to see if any Aussie companies do them. So do you just load the pictures straight from your blog and cut and paste the text or do you need to redo the whole typing thing. I like the idea of not having to use your full reso pictures as some aren't even on my computer any more, either on disk or hard drive. My blog is my only form of diary I keep so it would be lovely to have a hard copy of it.
Thanks for sharing them.
Oh and one more question, sorry, do you include your layouts and cards in them or just photographs.

Alicia King

so cool...someday I'll do this too! about how long does it take you to do 1 book?


Laura.. I LOVE this!!! I have trouble blogging as I always have so much to say and end up not doing it at all. Does that make sense?!? lol.. I just did a photobook on snapfish of my Pup Chopper since it was a freebie if you watched oprah and I LOVED it!!!


cool! cool! cool! i've started one...i've got a LONG way to go!

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