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November 26, 2008


Samantha Piette

I was so excited to find Blurb a few weeks ago but was then really disappointed when I found out they only turn Typepad and Wordpress blogs into books. I have a blogger blog and hope they add that feature soon! :-)
Just good for people to know before the download the software for this purpose.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Thanks for answering the questions here on your blog for all of us!

Mary MacAskill

this is so helpful! Thank Laura!


oh no blurb doesn't do blogger- is that true? I was looking forward to this being my new year project.

Alicia King

thanks for all the answers Laura!


thanks for sharing, Laura...I want to do this, but my blog is blogspot. I know there are other services out there, but I lost my bookmarks when my computer crashed. If I can find one, I'll let you know so you can tell your readers. :-)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!


This sounds SO cool - makes me want to start a blog!!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow :)


journal your christmas album?!? I can't wait to hear more about that!

Caryl Hope

Thanks Laura for sharing... Just decided to print my book since I'm moving to a new blog... BUMMER, currently blurb is not slurping wordpress blogs... :-( Hope they'll be able to sort it out, meantime, I'm looking for alternatives...

Chelle Greene

Oh Man I am so BUMMED that it can't do Blogger yet. I'm glad I read this post before I tried. They said they are working on it, so maybe by early next year they will have it completed. (Which is actually good because then I will have some money by then, since all of this paycheck is going to Christmas.)

Shaun Paddock

Thank you for all of this awesome information. I cannot wait to play around with this.
I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Thanks for answering all of our questions Laura, glad I wasn't the only one with lots to ask,lol.


This is my 2nd year for JYC! I used Ali E's Daily Decemeber album idea. It's all finished and I am ready to start JYC ing!

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