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December 31, 2008



You know I am in! You will have to keep me in check also LOL


You sold me on this! They should give you commission. I had heard about this, but wasn't planning on getting it until I read your blog. Now I'm excited to take my first picture....which can be taken at 12:01 am! LOL! THANKS!

Sara Rossi

I'm in!! I'm hoping they'll update the sire so I can order tonight after the ball drops!! LOL!!!


You said it all right!! Even though I could print at home, I may just upload my pics directly to costco and then pick them up here and there. But I do love the idea of keeping a folder just for that!

michelle lanning

I totally agree and I am going to be online first thing to get it!

Jackie T

I agree whole heartedly. Do Not over think this. This is a good way to use those pictures that are not the star pictures for the layout.

By the way, where is the rest of the books you made for the grandmas. I can't wait to see the finished product.

sasha farina

I soooooo wanna order but to call and find out the shipping cost.. *shudders* LOL.. Happy new Year laura!


I know you will follow through with this! I just know I won't keep up with it, I'm having a hard time balancing everything right now! I look forward to seeing what you do with yours each week, and will probably end up wishing i had gotten this kit!

Robin Alexander

So we should have a "Sharing Date", just like we did Pinecone Press kits monthly when Deena was open.
Happy New Year!
Robin Alexander


I took my first pict for the album on 1/1/09, just after 2am, AFTER all three girls arrived home! John and I were home shortly after 1am...go figure. I sure hope I can wake up early enough to order this kit 'cause I'm really excited about the possibilities!

Kathy F

Hey Laura! Happy New Year! I hear you, I;m going to try really hard to get one of Becky's kits too, I think I have to call though as I don't think I can order from webiste for Canadian shipping. I guess I should have checked on that before today! Kelsey also wants me to get her one too, so she can do her own. I think I might get her and Brendan to share one together and they can each contribute in their own way. Well, have a great New Years Day!

Kathy F


After 45 minutes (because my computer was soooo slow) I got my kit! YeaHaw! I was almost in tears thinking I didn't get it. I signed on to a differet computer and the kit was already sold out, so I had to wait it out with the slow computer, becuase it was already in my shopping cart! Thanks for talking me into this. I can't wait to start taking pictures and scrapbooking 2009 memories!

Erin Bassett

I'm doing this too. I'm going to use a lot of photos, but for some days I'm going to use ephemera instead. -Should be a fun project. I too thought about making my own kit for it, but I knew I'd never keep up with it if I did that.


I was so wondering if you were going to do this - I bet seeing it in person ahead of time would have sold me too! It seems like a real motivation to capture the little things which is what I lack doing - I have enough bday, xmas, and water shots to do a thousand lo's - important I know but I know I can't remember the everyday like I want to. I'll have to go and check it out!


So where you one of the lucky ones to get this kit? :) I hope so... would love to see your process. I think I got one... but we shall see!


So, did you get your kit? I got an email thanking me for my order, though I never got through to the last page (after over an hour online!)...so hopefully I got one! :-)
Happy New Year, Laura!!! :-)))


sigh...... i so badly wanted to get that kit! :-(



I am so proud of you!!! I really should order this kit and at least try and keep up. I know I will not have the time to do daily, however you can put me down for monthly pages:0)

Sandi N.

Laura T.

I'm SUPER excited about this too. I cannot wait to get mine in the mail. Let me just tell you what a frustrating process it was to get the darn thing though ... I know, you know all about it.

Love the fact that pictures don't have to be taken everyday. Like you, taking seven pictures a week is very doable for me.

Good luck putting your book together - looking forward to seeing the progress.

Heather M.

Good for you! I can't wait to see the layouts you create and the photos you take!
I took a photo-a-day last year and plan to do it again this year too.


you crack me up! I would totally do the same, say this picture was taken on...when really it was...!! me too! anyway I thought about this kit, but with every thing else that I have "started" I just want to work on them now! good luck to you, can't wait to see your pages, and then I'll be mad at myself for not getting the kit!


you go girl! i was intrigued by this project/kit, but just couldn' commit b/c i have way too many other projects i wnat to complete!


I am so excited, I got a kit! I can't believe all the hype about it and all the comments on various boards with talk of all those who wanted one and didn't get it. How could CK not know the demand would be so huge?

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