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December 07, 2008



I miss you already. :(

It was so great to hang out with you! I hope you get to come to Utah again, or better yet, maybe we can hook up in your neck of the woods...where it is WARM(er).


Laura.. I hope your trip home is good!! Nothing worse then traveling back home when your tired and just want to be with your family again!! It looks like you had a great time though!!! I would have been in thicker heaven at the AC warehouse sale.

Michelle Lanning

Laura you look like you scored a whole bunch of goodies! And lookie at you with all those scrappers -- awesome!!



Your weekend away sounds like a dream. All of the exploring, shopping, meals with out children, great times with friends, late nights, meeting Lisa B. I hope you make it through the airport ok with all the luggage.
All of these great things you have purchased will be fun to see them on your projects. I would have loved to flewn there to meet you in person. Someday we will meet. Until then I enjoy our emails.

Sandi N.


Wow Laura!! What a great trip you guys had! Seeing all your friends must of been the best part of the trip! And the shopping deals? OMG, you might need to buy another Expedit. Sorry your trip is ending but I'm sure you can't wait to get back to your family and your house! My email has been empty this weekend and I can't wait to get caught up! Have a great trip home!
BTW, I think the charge is $25 for overweight bags, but I've had giant suitcases packed to the brim and didn't go over. You should be OK!


I see you have prefected your smile for those photos - LOL!
Isn't it great meeting online scrappy buddies, I met a few from all over NZ in Oct at a big Scrapping show here in NZ. Even though we were complete strangers, we all got on great and all had the same love of scrapping.
Hope your flight home went well and you didn't get charged too much for that extra luggage weight.


Wow, what a full few days you have had, sounds great and lots of lovely shopping.

Heather Jordan

Oh man, Laura! I am so jealous! Sounds like you had a great "girls weekend!" I am especially envious that you got to meet Lisa B. and all the great deals you got at the AC sale! I am addicted to alpha stickers. Thanks for sharing your story and photos!


I can't believe you guys are finally coming home! It seems like you've have been gone forever, and it was just a couple of days! How fun to meet all the people you have been chatting with and have become friends with this whole time! I bet you miss your girls and your hubby and won't be leaving home anytime soon!

lovely cee

oh Laura, you one lucky duck!!!! how fun is this??!?! i'm jealous.

Shemaine Smith

Wow! What an amazing trip! Love all the scrappy goodness you picked up. It's an amazing little blog community we scrappers have here online. I follow your blog and love your stuff!


Sounds like you and Deneen had a really good time meeting Lisa B and all your friends. What an awesome experience, and so cool all the shopping deals you got. Hope you got everything packed up ok and have a safe trip home. I'm so happy for you and Deneen and i'm sure it was a time to remember!

Lisa D

Hope your trip back home went off without a hitch Laura. Your time away sounds like it was the funnest! How COOL to have met all those fun women, especially Jen G -- I have followed her blog forever and love her work!
I bet the girls were so happy to see you home again. I sure wish you had a day off daycare today to chill, I'm sure you could use it after the whirlwind you've just been through!

Laura Toriello

I'm sure you're safe and sound at home now -- starting your busy day back at work. The girls must have been so excited to see you.

Thanks again for letting us experience the trip with the two of you.

Brenda Hurd

i'm sure your trying to recover and catch up right now! It was great meeting you like i said before - i didn't think i was that tall!! But sure looks that way in the picture doesn't it! Have a great day!

Susan D.

sounds awesome...and i'm totally jealous!!

Sara Rossi

GREAT pics! That must've been so much fun to finally meet people you've "talked" to for so long! Sounds like a FANTASTIC trip all around!


what fun! i am a big fan of shaunte- I love her humor and blog! i recognized her right away. I would have loved to shop, shop, shop!!!

Heather M.

So awesome that you got to meet all those people and hang out with them! I'm so glad you got to go - what an awesome trip!

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