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December 06, 2008



I have to confess that I am a little jealous when I see all that stuff !!! hihihi, I think there is more goodies on this bed than in my scrap corner ! lol
Hope that you are happy of this trip, and not too tired. I am curious to see what you are going to make with all of this !
Have a nice day !

Carine Hartman

Wow, I wish we would have such warehouses in the netherlands. You have bougth incredible stuff. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Utah.

Lynn G

WOW! Laura it sounds like you gals are having an amazing time! Good for you! And I am seriously drooling over all that loot! :)


Oh my goodness Laura!!!!! You have a very excellent day!! I don't know where to start! Meeting Lisa and all your friends, the warehouse sales, the tours...OMG, how incredible for you and Deneen! you both are so lucky to have such a wonderful experience. Wish I was there!
I saw your AC cardstock! I have 2 packages of it and love it!

sasha farina

Day 1 and Day 2.. i'm getting greener by the minute! LOL :D you look great btw!!


OMGosh!! I don't think I've ever said this on someone's blog before BUT I am offically totally completely jealous!!!! Meeting all those cool people, that incredible shopping and seeing behind the scenes at CK!!! A scrapping dream come true!!!

And you are right about Lisa, I have met her and she is such a sweet geniune person!!!

Lucky you! Keep having fun!

Nancy Mackey

Wow! sounds great- I am wondering WHERE you stayed- looked really nice & comfy!!


I'm so glad you are having a GREAT time! And I LOVE Kohl's, in fact we have to go there today! :) Tip for packing....roll your clothes, sounds weird but it TOTALLY works. (brought a TON home from CHA last year!) Continue to have a great time!



Wow...I just love all the really cool fun you are having. This is one blessing after another. You look so happy to be sharing all the fun with your friend.

Oh and your luggage set is one sweet deal!!!

I hope you have a wonderful time today also.

Sandi N.

erin yamabe

wow- what a fun trip~ meeting all those creative ladies and coming home with such fun goodies. looking forward to your pages!


OMG you have some amazing bargains there! You were very retrained - I would have gone nuts at those prices and bought sooooo much! LOL! You sound like you are having an amazing time - enjoy the rest of your trip :)

Sara Rossi

OMG! Sounds like a scrapper's DREAM day! The visit at CK sounds interesting (never mind the goodies!). How COOL that you were there for the warehouse sales??? I'd make sure I'd have room in my suitcase....by leaving all my clothes & stuff!! There are priorities!! Great deal on the suitcase too!! Have a good time tomorrow!

Wendy Lojik

So glad I got to meet up with you! I think you are absolutely one of my favorite people! I know you are excited to go home, but bring the whole family and stay a while next time. Remember Shaunte and I have plenty of room, come stay with us!

Heather Moll

it sounds like you are having a blast!!!! I can't believe all you've got to see and do! And that AC sale!!!! oh my word! Woohoo!!!

Enjoy the rest of your time!

danni perez

omg girl,
it sounds like you girls are having a blast!
what an exciting trip.i can't believe all the deals.i'm so envious! but very happy for yall.
thanks for keeping us posted, we can all dream tonight,that we are you.lol


Awesome...glad you are having a lot of fun! :-) Thanks for posting!

Mary MacAskill

Yeah, I'm bot jealous or anything! Sounds like a GREAT day!

Laura Toriello

I'm so excited for you and Deneen - what a once and a lifetime experience. You go so much for just $65 - that is AWESOME!! Would have loved to have gone to that AC sale - 10 thicker packets for $10 - can't beat that.

Thanks for keeping all of us updated on your trip - it's so much fun to read.

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