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January 30, 2009



The way you center that picture really adds to the angle you took it at...makes it stand out. I really like the colors and the buttons. Super cute!

Heather M.

glad i could hold you guys accountable. lol!

love your layout - it's so awesome. fabulous colours and i love the row of buttons and brads.

lovely cee.

i need to try this... i'm working on 2 pages and i can't move on... i must try the button and brads:)
thanks you guys, very cool!

Wendy Sue

oooh, you guys always choose such fun products for your challenges...and this one is no exception! I love the topic here - such a fun thing to have in your books to remember! And I love the color combo too - so happy and fun! :o)


Love it Laura. I can so relate to the whole leave the journaling and sometimes even title till last thing. My journaling, if I do it,lol, is usually a last minute addition either squeezed in or used to fill in a gap somewhere. I am currently involved in a layout swap were several groups of women (5 in some groups 6 in others) from across Australia all work on the same layout within a group. One starts with the background, a photo and a piece of pp, emb etc and then passes it on to the next one who adds a little. My fourth layout arrived the other day and it was either add the title or journaling, I knew it had to come but I have been dreading it,lol.

wendy myers

Love the brads in the buttons, very cute!
The others are OK I like yours the Best!
I am terrible about journaling, to me it's the hardest part of the whole layout.


Laura as always love your layout thanks for sharing with all of us.

Heather Jordan

Love all the layouts! You guys did an awesome job. Love Mary's pink paper and the cute flowers just like the ones on her daughter's outfit! Very cool.
Thanks for the great ideas!

Debbie - NZ

Awesome idea Laura, I will have to hunt out my HS plastic letters though i think i might have sold them...Love the layout!

Sara Rossi

Love the colors & the design! I agree the journaling IS the hardest part. I'd rather use journaling strips than my handwriting too! Your LO's are always inspiring! Gotta check out the other LO's now!

Brenda Hurd

i'm back - looks like i've missed alot of fabulous projects from you! You rocked the MM! I wanna know why you didn't drive on over to CHA anyways?? How far are you from aneheim?? Your projects all look wonderful!


loving this layout!!! my layouts just kinda happen too. even when forced to use a sketch, lol. :D


I am just the opposite. I need an idea in my head or a sketch to jump off from. It usually ends up different in the end.
Love the colors in this layout. I too love scenic route.

Rhonda Steed

love how you added the little brads into the buttons! Totally great page. Love Mary and Heather's takes too!


lovin' the colors a lot!!! what a cute lo - you are lucky she's good about doing her homework!!


very nice Laura! I really like how it's all centered down the center column, nice and clean! Nice color choices also.

Laura T.

Wow - I LOVE this layout. The colors are awesome, love the title (have those same letters), love how you put brads in the buttons (I still have to remember that to try that).

I think journaling on the strips was a good idea (even though I like your handwriting).

Heather M.

i was just looking at this again and i love that font. where did you get it? online?

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