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January 27, 2009



totally luvin that idea!

Heather M.

what an awesome idea! i have a whole bunch of those envelopes sitting around. i should totally do that with them!

Mary MacAskill

These all look great! And me? Genious? HA HA HA! Btw, I am totally copying your idea with the cards! I have been saving the ones from Derrick but haven't thought of any ideas to store them! I love this!


Love your envelope usage! I still kick myself for not ordering that KOTM. Although, I have so much memorabilia from my girls that I need boxes, not envelopes!


Laura! OMG, these envelopes are just pure genious! Seriously. I don't know what to do with my kids stuff and since they are so small, I could start something like this now. Thanks for sharing!!

Heather Jordan

What a great idea and you do such a cute job embellishing them! Genius!

lynda paredes

what a cute idea, love how u decorated the envies too. what a great idea. are these things u save eventually going to end up in albums? or have a permanent home there?

lynda in calif

Sandi N.


This is really a smart idea. I could make some with my "E" Cricut and store some of the piles I have in draws. This is refreshing to hear of this ideas like this.
I hope it works!

Sandi N.

Annette Scholtz

Such a great idea - will have to try this :) Thanks for sharing!

Debbie - NZ

OMG this is such an awesome idea and they look so great....I unfortunatly didn't get that KOTM but have white envelopes very similar to those and might just have to decorate them all up to store lots of my things in...Thanks for sharing.

Carine Hartman

It's a very organized idea, I think I will pimp some white envelopes for that and will store some precious thing from my children

Michelle W.

MAN, now I wish I had that kit!!! What great envelopes, so pretty :)

Jessica Larsen

I love this idea! I have a ton of cards/notes that my husband and I have given each other over the years and I think I will scrap a box to keep them all in. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Sandra L.

What a wonderful idea! Love the i'm sorry envelope. I have quite a few of those letters myself :) Now I know what to do with them! Hate to throw them away some of them are really cute.

Marie Levite

Great idea. They are lovely!!

Wendy Sue

How fun are these envelopes?!? I might be better at organizing and sorting if I had such cute envelopes in my stash - I'm jealous of everyone who got that fun kit!! Love the idea with the envies...may have to copy it. ;)


Love this idea Laura wish I had done something similar with all the old programs and and letters the girls have written me over the years. Oh well good idea for when I become a grandma someday LOL (not too soon though I hope LOL)

Sara Rossi

Great idea!! Makes me wish I had gotten that kit.

Nancy Mackey

I love this idea, I always get my dis a birthday card for their birthday , and then I save them, some I like to scrap- but not all. I would like for them to be able to look back at them though- love this idea for that!!

Nancy Mackey

Oops! did I say I get my dis a birthday card, I mean my kids!!!

Heather Ruwe

Okay, I have to do this! Thanks for sharing...mary is a genius! :)

Lisa Howard

What a FANTASTIC idea! Kudos to both you and Mary. I am an organizational freak...you might never know it at the moment...but anything to corral the clutter is welcome. And they are so stinkin' cute! Gotta make me some!


THESE ARE SERIOUSLY SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! I love that you punched random circles in the folders for a sneak peek - talk about awesome!!

They are all SO cute! Love the story about Sarah :)

Laura T.

I love this idea. I have that kit too and was wondering what I was going to do with the large envelopes. This is such a wonderful idea.


cute idea!!

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