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January 01, 2009


erin yamabe

what a beautiful layout, laura. i'm with you, if it's already wonderful, why mess with it?

michelle lanning

I was thinking of lifting that layout too -- just need to find the time! Yours looks beautiful!

Did ya get the kit?


When I saw the LO I totally was like big huge labs here I come LOLOL .. I love it .. and yah I thought about the 365 too, I should, I would love to capture pics of both hubs and I in uniform more, and out of it and also of the boys..great inspiration..everyone I know is talking about it LOL

Happy New Year


Hey Laura,

this looks so beautiful! Nice idea - and a awesome layout!

Best wishes!


Happy new year to you and all your family, wishing you the best for 2009.


Cool layout! I haven't done one of these collages yet, can you believe it? First do you have to set your canvas size? What size was that? Then is it as simple as lining them up straight? Thanks for answering my millions of questions lately! When I go back to work I won't be bugging you as much!

wendy lojik

That is an awesome idea!


Love the layout Laura and wish I had 40 good photo's from the year LOL. Maybe next year as my photo skill start to improve (wishful thinking on my part LOL). Of course I have to get my girls to cooperate LOL maybe bribery will work.

kristan martin

I love this! I don't get how you printed the pictures all on one. Was it a collage in Elements or what?

Laura T.

I love this ---- I guess if I actually opened that issue of my magazine I would see this article. I'm assuming you printed everything out as one photo?


I really love this idea!! But my hard part is deciding the pictures.

Heather Jordan

Looks great, as always, Laura!! Thanks for the link to Sarah. Love her layouts as much as I love yours. I've been looking at her stuff on Two Peas. You guys rock!! You've got me thinking about switching to one- page layouts. I always try to do two- pagers, but I don't always have enough photos. Now I know where to look for inspiration....Laura and Sarah!

Heather M.

Totally awesome layout, Laura! I love the big '08! And I agree, why mess with something good - I love a good scraplift too! :) All those photos look awesome!
My printer does the same thing - pulls paper through crooked - argh! Drives me crazy!
I'm glad yours printed straight for you though. It looks awesome on the grid

Sara Rossi

Saw this in the magazine & marked it to lift too! This came out great (including the straight journaling!)! Still working on my re-sizing-collage-making abilities in Photoshop!! I'm starting to feel hopeless! LOL!


great layout, even if it is scraplifted....git r done, right! lol!



This is AWESOME! and I had the same wish to lift her layout too! So very cool and good timing too. I should add this to my list of things to do :)


I love this so much Laura!! I would never have the patience or ability to prep all those pics. I give you kudos!!! And I LOVE the colors here. So pretty!

Lynn G

Love this layout! I wanted to lift her layout as well - so genius the way she put everything together but it still looks so clean and uncluttered. And I love that font too! Hope you had a great New Year's!


i may make this a lift of a lift :)


i was thinking of doing this myself. now i am even more motivated - your's is awesome.

i like stopping by here and seeing what you've done. i love your style.

thanks for sharing!



This is really a great layout and perfect for this time of year.

Thanks for the link to sketches. This is the way I scrap is using sketches or looking at great blogs like yours. Again, thanks for sharing all the cool stuff you do.

Sandi N.


and this is one of my favorite layouts that you've done!!! AWESOME!!


I like this idea...I need to make a collage of my favorites from 2008. I do not think I will be as quick with the resizing and collaging as you- wow 10 minutes. Photoshop and I have a love/hate relationship most days!

Lisa D

40 photos? You TOTALLY rock Laura.


I scanned the comments to make sure you didn't answer this, but how did you make the collage?

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