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February 25, 2009



Cool....I loved reading about how you manage to do so much. People ask me that too which is great. My big secret is no TV...can't stand it...it is such a time waster. Much rather be creating than sitting on my dot in front of some stupid show....but that's just me LOL. Thanks for your honesty and your blog...I love to visit each day:-)

Lynn M

I think we are kindred spirits...I'm laughing as I type this comment at 5:13 am...up working because I couldn't sleep and have millions of things running through my head!


I totally understand!!!! I have gotten into quilting, cooking, reading, scrapbooking, etc and the moment one ends, I can't enjoy it! I have to search for another one!! But if you truly have run out of projects, I have four kiddos six and under (no twins) and slowly for the first time got behind scrapbooking this last year. You could help ME catch up!! LOL! Just kidding but a girl can dream right?!

You are amazing...keep up all the great work!


Yeah, I'm the same way...my mind is constantly on the go...nice to know there are others out there! :)

Diana Waite

it's about 6:11 my time and I've been up for like 25 minutes...it's the me time, although all my kids are at school now! :) anyway, thanks for the uplift, I've been in a creative funk for a few days, and now I'm back as of today! thanks for the reminder to do things in those small moments of time..... :)

Kathy F

Oh, girl, you make my day! My hubby tells me all the time that if I'd just concentrate on one project at a time, I'd get much more done. I prefer my way, I think I function better having many things going on at once. I am still amazed how you were able to get all those school albums done and organized, they look awesome! You always continue to inspire me, thanks!!! Have a great day!
Kathy F


I'm the same way- I don't know if it is a female thing, or if we have ADHD! I find I am happiest when I busy myself! And I don't even know what down time is! You take the cake though with scrapping- I am not that on top of it, I wish I were more! I feel guilty if there are things that need to be done and I am scrapping- but for you, it's part of your job!

Lisa Howard

I soooo know what you mean! I think it is definitely in our genes. My daughter has the same inherited trait. She called yesterday (she's a freshman at UGA) venting about all the things she has to get done this week. Of course, being on the outside looking in, I can tell her to let go of a few obligations. But then again, I totally understand that is NOT an option. Like you said, we do our BEST work when we have the MOST work. So I will leave you to your 37 thoughts and wish you a grand day!

Sandi N.


I remember when I could do "this" and "that", keeping all the balls in the air.

Then in 2005 I started with Meniere's Disease. The vertigo puts me on the couch for hours at a time, when I am not in the bathroom throwing up. On a really bad day I can throw up 18 times an hour. I take meds to put this in check. I have been to ER to rehydrated a few times. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/menieres-disease/DS00535

After surgery on my ear I am doing much better and not on the couch so much. I did all this while caring for a new born and a 5yr old.

I still have my good days and get going again, to make up the the days of not doing much. I know you suffer from day to day, too with pain.

Anyway, I think you are an amazing person and blessed to have the joy of taking care of so many things and children.

Sandi N.


You know I have always been a fan of your random posts it's when people really get to know you and what makes you tick! I still wish I could get half as much done as you do but as always I get inspired to do more by you. So thanks


Too funny Laura! I too live on a lack of sleep. I go to bed between 11:30-12:00. I could never go to bed at 10! I would get nothing done. I also love having a ton of things to do. Especially I love busy weekends with the kids activities! I too complain about it, but I LOVE it! And I get so bored if we are just sitting around the house with nothing to do. I need a plan!

Caryl Hope

Aha! So that's your secret! Now that I know, I can replicate that...{lol} I so wish there is also a pill or something we can take to get everything done but alas I am stuck with getting things done when everyone is asleep. I'm one of those people who needs uninterrupted time to get things done and with a 2 and a half girl that is mostly not the case. It frustrates me when I get a creative rush and I have to take care of other stuff. Oh well... I've learned to roll with the punches and just enjoy the moment as it comes. It's good to know how you've managed to get things done and I love your "randomness". {lol} Thanks Laura!

Sara Rossi

I've missed your Random posts! I'm with you Laura! There are times I'm watching TV thinking--what else can I do while I just sit here? There's just so much to do & not enough time....

Susan D.

i was feeling so inadequate reading your and sara's blog...now, i feel better just knowing that you are crazy;0) i'm such an opposite. it's funny, though, because my bestie is crazy too.


ah but the random posts are so real...I love them! I too am a multi tasker. My husband is not and it drives me batty...I can never understand how you can just sit still while on the phone...I am constantly cleaning or organizing or doing something if I am on the phone. Multi tasker at heart...or maybe I am a bit too much of a Type A girl!


fun blog entry Laura! Wish I could just borrow you for a few days...I can't keep up with anything in my life. Since I can't do things while I'm at work all day, I give the hubby a to do list of things he can do from work like phone calls and such.
And I love the random posts...so you!

Alicia King

busy busy minds we all have! I'm with you! Tonight: catching up on American Idol, while eating dinner, and scrapping, along with Quicken, and breastfeeding!

courtney malone

can you talk about how you pack for a crop. I'm headed to one next week and i don't know how to go about it

Lynn Ghahary

Laura I totally get it and I totally get you. No explanation needed! LOL


Yeah, I'm not really like you, but I understand what you're trying to say ... thanks for sharing!
I get in the groove, too, and I love it! I do thrive on deadlines. Hate it, too, but it really gets me going! However, I make a mess while I'm doing it and my hubby hates that. He would kill me if I had a little bit out here and there for when I have a minute to work on it. I waste a lot of time just taking things out and packing them up again.
How do you do it with the kids around? My kids (4 1/2, 3 and under 1) are grabby, grabby and I can't be near them ...

Krista Lund

i bet it feels good to get it all down in a blog post huh? i wake in the morning, sometimes way too early b/c my brain is just going and going and going!

Heather M.

i'm so glad you wrote this - it's neat to see how things work for you. i multitask lots too but not as much as you. i keep a notebook and pen on my nightstand so that i can write down things as i'm falling asleep as it seems that's when so many things come to me - it totally helps me sleep knowing that i'll remember in the morning because it's written down.

Jackie Zepeda

I always love visiting your blog...when I read this post...it was like reading about my long lost twin. how funny...that I am the SAME exact way! You are such an amazing person!


Laura, we must be cosmic twins. Except for the "getting lots of stuff done" part. That's not me. But the mind never shutting down and the constant multi-tasking...that's me! LOL!

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