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February 26, 2009


Alis in Wnderlnd

My favorite is actually the last one with your fuzzy feet...this is SO US! I usually have my camera next to me or on my lap with some type of photography book. I constantly pick up my camera and try something out...no composition, not real thought other than looking at lighting, and my feet are always in the picture with my son hanging on me...it cracks me up!


your posts crack me up! I love the pics of Haley on the potty...so cute! Nice to see pics of you and the kiddies. My,my they are getting so big!

Sara Rossi

Love the pics of Haley with the dog!! What is it with kids & the toliet paper roll?? Fun pics Laura!

Alicia King

great pictures Laura! love seeing the real daily life ones!


they r cuties, so i see why u would want to photo them 24/7. loving those slippers. thnx for sharing your day. mine today would consist of the vaccum and the dust rag!

lynda in calif


Too cute that you captured these fun shots and gotta love Haley's newspaper :)


Love the oic of Hakey 'reading' the paper! Very cute!

Lynn Ghahary

Too funny Laura! And can I just say I have a pic of my oldest reading a magazine on the potty. He says he wants to be like daddy ... hmmm .... ;)


Oh, so cute. It really shows your day - so much fun! I wish my everyday photos turned out that well. They really are nice photos - and your worst is my norm ... ugh, so sad.


Great photos as usual Laura. Fuzzy slippers one is the cutest thing. Also, saw your creation over at MM blog, wedding deco. Very nice.

Krista Lund

aw! i bet their parents are so happy to see these pics! i think it is very cool that you do this for them :)


Nice feet! Gotta love that she is reading on the potty...how old is Haley? Wish I could get my 2 yr old to sit on the toilet...not having it. And that Nikolas makes the cutest scrunched up face!

Lisa Howard

I've scrolled through these photos several times smiling wider and laughing harder each time! These kiddos are adorable. Makes me wish I had little ones again. Ok, not really. But it would be fun to have them for the day and then send them home at night...lol! Looks like you guys have so much fun!


LOL! Oh how funny! Love these photos that you took of them. When I first saw the last photo, I was trying to figure out what those pink fuzzies were. LOL!

Danielle Nilsson

OMG adorable faces!!! I love the one where Nikolas is making his funny face....priceless!

Shemaine Smith

Ok the potty photo totally had me rolling....LOL

sasha farina

do me a favor will you? bite those cheeks for me.. heeeheee.. they're both soooooooooooooo adorable!

Heather M.

super cute photos!


My daughter has that dog. My mom gave it to her for Valentine's Day so she calls him "Valentine Dog." She's so creative I tell you.

Great photos.

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