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April 01, 2009



How FUN are these!! Isn't it fun to go down memory lane once in awhile :) Your girls look SOOOO cute in hats - I just love that!

Thanks for sharing . . .

Lisa Howard

Love the photos! From time to time I have to sit and scan through each of my photo files. I guess that is today's version of flipping through my photo albums, huh? Thanks for sharing all of these. BTW, have you ever posted your process for editing your photos? Not sure if you have a particular system or if you just wing it with each photo. I remember you shared always shooting in RAW mode. I know that opens up a completely different set of options for editing. Just curious. :)

Alicia King

wow they look so young! love the one with Sarah and her pink hat!


OH my gosh - I have to tell you I was in AC Moore yesterday and of course looking at MM stuff - I look up and I'm like "hey I know those girls"! It was your girls in one of your layouts! I snapped a picture and will have to send it to you from my iphone - if I can figure that out! LOL!

wendy lojik

Look at how much they have changed? Wow they really are growing up quick!


Old pictures are awesome! And these are so sweet :) I need to go through mine because I don't scrap nearly the way I should ...


wow, 2 years..... the girls have so changed... like the ones with the giant lollipop! silly....
thnx for sharing

lynda in calif

Laura T.

Wow - can't believe even with only two years that passed since the photos were taken, you really can see a huge difference in the way the girls look. BTW - that is a good picture of you.


Cute pics Laura! I can't believe how little they were just two years ago...its unbelievable! Love the lollipop and the pigtails with the ribbons(from your SB stash?LOL)


Love the photo's of the girls and can't wait to see the ones from my very special surprise party. Thanks again, I just feel like thank you is truly just not enough for everything you have done for me.

Sara Rossi

Isn't it fun to find forgotten pics?? The girls are super cute in these! Fun to see how different they looked even though it was only 2 short years ago. Will you be scrapping them??


The photos are great. It is always fun to look back at photos of your kids seeing how much they have changed.


These are all so CUTE! Absolutely love Sarah in pigtails! Hello, adorable! When I look back at photos from 2007, it's kinda freakin' me out. I can't believe how much Sadie has changed. It hurts a little. ;)

sasha farina

gorgeous, forgotten photos. . so glad you found them and shared with us!

Monica G

It's always fun to go through older photographs, my problem is I am not so organized with all my digitals and I don't delete all the bad ones when I upload them so there are literally 17,000 photos that need to be sorted...and to think you edit all of yours...I don't always know what to do to fix them. I guess I need to take some lessons from you!

Sandi N.


Unloved photos....LOL You are funny. I really enjoyed seeing your new/old photos. You were smart to save these. Love the hat photos too.

I am finishing up the first floor of steaming. Next week is Easter break for us. I we will be running around.

Sandi N.

Heather Jordan

Hey Laura! Those girls of yours are adorable! Thanks for sharing. I often look back at old photos of my girls and wonder where the time has gone...
A quick question: Where do you get your issues of Scrapbook Trends? I have searched my Barnes and Noble, Michael's and Borders with no luck this month...I usually can find it at B&N but no luck this time....
Thanks, Heather


your girls are complete dolls, Especially to a mom of all boys. You inspire me to take better pictures. What type of camera do you have? Mine never takes pictures like yours(could be the operator :) ) By the way about the line on the nose? Does Sarah have allergies or a constant runny/itchy/stuffy nose? I see that very often where I work (I am a school nurse), the doctors call it an allergy crease b/c they itch their nose by taking their hand and pushing the nose up very often. (fingers going from their chin upwards toward the nose) I hope you understand what I am talking about. it may/not be what it is, just a thought. She is still completely adorable and I didn't see it until you pointed it out.


wow! you got a lot of great photos here! glad you gave them some love. I used to get that same line across my nose every summer!

Brenda H

you've got mad photography skills my friend - i need you to teach me - and you have beautiful models too! Can't wait till the weather gets better here so i can get out and start experimenting more. Love the one of you too - your so darn cute - thanks for the birthday and well wishes. xoxo


Oh boy...here goes that little feeling I get when I soooooooo want a girl! Those ponytails are so dang cute!

And look at you with your dimples!


awwwwwwwww . . . what a sweet walk down memory lane.

wendy myers

Hey, came to check on you, you haven't posted in 2 days! What's UP?

Love these pictures, they are Great! Love the hat shots!!

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