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March 18, 2009


Jackie T

I can sure see why you get so much done. You really use little orbs (my husbands word) of time very wisely. I wish I could be more like that. Also in the 365 photos. I am so jealous that you have an In and Out Burger. I haven't been there since my sister in law lived in CA in 1993. They are the best. Have a good night.


You are rocking - totally jammin on your P365! Is it wrong to try and send the kids to bed early so I can start mine - lol!?!?!

I like the new wall color - looks nice and fresh and fun - just in time for spring! I LOVE the red too. We had a whole entire wall at our old house - took about 100 coats but it looked great when done!

Lisa Howard

Hi Laura! Like the new wall color. You are too funny with your little multi-tasking tricks! That's why you get so much done...do what you can when you can. No need to block out a day to paint! I LOVE IT! I used to be like that. But I think I'm getting lazy in my old age. (That was a hint to say 43 isn't that old...lol!) Great job on the 365 album! BTW, I think I have the same candlestick!

Sandi N.


Great job on the 365 project!

Love the lighter color on the walls!

Sandi N.


I can totally understand doing things in 10 or 20 minute windows of time! With 2 kids, I do the same thing!

wendy Lojik

Woo You are Rockin' it!


Laura so wish I was a stay at home mom like before because you have me inspired to do lots of little things in short amounts of time. Way to go and can't wait to see the new color in person I couldn't make it out so good in the photo LOL. Now someone needs to take a picutre of you painting.

Krista Lund

wtg on your 365 project...and you journaled!! impressive! want to come to my house to paint?? there will be plenty of that in the next couple of weeks or so! you could also help put together my expedit shelves! :) sound like a plan???

Laura T.

Your album is looking beautiful! I finished putting mine together last night, now I just need to do my journaling and get my photos printed.

Sara Rossi

LOVE the look of the 365 album! We were sick for 3 weeks in Jan/Feb & it was horrible! Hope it clears up soon for you all! Great color on the wall! You're going to love it when it's all done!


u have been seriously rocking that album, i don't care if u did it all in one sitting or day by day. it looks awesome. sorry to hear that ur daycare kids r sicky! my daughter caught "fifths disease" or commonly known as "slapped cheeck". it's slowly working its way down her body. tomorrow is their last day of school, then 2 wks of spring break. we're heading outdoors..hope the weather is nice. love how ur painting process is working. have a great day..of to clean, laundry.... and all that domestic goddess good stuff
lynda in calif


The 365 project is looking good! I can't see anything to complain about ... and keep painting! It's so funny that you're doing it that way, but it's probably better than clearing everything out and dedicating a few days to it ... at least less stressful. What do you do with the pan of paint for the roller when it's in a baggie?


Its so nice seeing your pics in the album!!! Can't wait to get my album. And the paint looks good!!

Lynn Ghahary

You are too funny! See I'm a multi-tasker as well but when it comes to something like painting a room I need pretty much instant gratification. When I paint I PAINT! I get it all done in a day because I NEED to see it all done. I have no patience for a little at a time. I like the new color! I think it'll brighten things up for sure!


Way to go with the 365! thanks again for sharing. and that painting... too funny :) looks like a pretty good color!

Wendy Sue

Love these - it's so fun to see the pics in the completed pages...it almost makes me wish I had started it...almost. :o)

Heather M.

Wow, you rock! I can't believe you've got these all done! WTG!

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