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March 01, 2009


Debbie - NZ

Laura, I just love, love these pics...they rock! You are very talented...Actually I would love to scrap some of these...With only having boys in the house it would be great to scrap some girl pics.

maria t

beautifull pictures!! bet you can't wait to scrapbook them!!


Great pictures! Wow!!! I like that vintage action too.

wendy myers

This are Fantastic! I cannot wait for Spring. The Orchard shot are Fantastic, your photography skills are Great!

Thanks for sharing, now I can't wait to see them i layouts you will no doubt rock out!



sasha farina

the first one is like in paradise, Laura. tell me where to get the peace scarf and the tshirt?? LOL. . . Nidhi saw those and said oh those are funky!


Gorgeous pictures - you are so talented!!!


Wow, very cool, Laura! I WISH I could buy those actions,but I have elements:( Boo. I can't wait for warmer wheather out here so I can go play outside and torture my kids with my camrea!


Those pics are fabulous - I can understand how hard it was to cull them down to a handful, and a wee bit more! I'm envious of the blooms (we're going down to -20C today!). Love the photo shoot idea.

Carine Hartman

Great, fabulous, magnificent... I don't have words for those pics.
I would wish that my girls are that patient. They can´t sit still for a minute


So beautiful, Laura!! What a cool spot you have near your house, and the flowers are amazing. She was a good model, and very patient. :)


Work it girls!!! She looks fabulous...the outfit is sooooo cool! Great pics- looking forward to some layouts soon!

Fran Heupel

Laura the pictures are amazing. Love the looks that your daughter gave. Just a natural. I know she will be so proud to have these someday. The picture with her and all those beautiful trees is so cool.
Thnaks for posting all these beautiful photos. I would love to do this with my girls.

Sarah W.

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Those are really cute! Can you give out the secret to your second place? I haven't taken pics since we went to the snow at the end of Dec! I am like that- that's why I have so many event pages! And it is so funny how they are paranoid about what other people think at this age! I am always telling Maia, "Who cares what strangers think about you, you don't know them!"

Wendy Sue

Super cute model and GORGEOUS photos, Laura! Oh, you're making me so jealous...I am ready for our snow to melt and for Spring to come...the blossoming trees are beautiful! :o)


These photos are absolutely stunning. Your daughter is beautiful, and your photography skills are outstanding!!

Sara Rossi

GORGEOUS pics Laura!! Sarah makes an STUNNING model! Love all the pics especially the 1st one!! And yes I did notice you didn't post your 365 yet but I wasn't saying anything since I haven't posted mine yet either! LOL!

Jackie T

Great job Laura. It looks so nice there. I am stuck in 5 degrees and a foot of snow still on the groung (MN). It so nice to see things are blooming somewhere. Your daughter is so cute and such a ham. One question, did you use 2 actions, vintage and urban or is it one action called vintage urban. Thanks for the great post!

Nancy Mackey

Completely Beautiful!!! I lOvE that orchard!! I wish it was spring here- lol!! Sarah is such a cutie!

Eileen Van Dyke

I love the pictures. I have been wanting to do the exact same thing for years now but never have. Your great pictures have convienced me that I should try it. Now I just have to get my kids to agree! I did miss your 365 pics by the way but I'm not caught up on mine for last week either.

Lisa Howard

Amazing, simply amazing!!! Even if you did cut off part of her arm in one photo, it is still one of my favorites! You rock, girlfriend! Now, do you want to send some of those mad photography skills my way...lol!


Awesome photos ... but I probably would have been embarrassed too! Especially when I was younger ...

Heather Jordan

Great pictures, Laura! And such a lovely setting...wish we had something like that near us.

Diana Waite

Laura! These are AWESOME! And she looks SO grown up! Great job!

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