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March 21, 2009



Love your stamp shelf Laura, looks so cool with all those gorgeous stamps on it. :)


congrats to alyssa!!! Super smart girlie you have there...or should I say "girlies"! Your mom is super way cool for building things for you!! And you crack me up about the boots and being taller than Joe. I love chunky shoes!
I tried that be funky site, which is awesome...made a pic of my daughter and me and it made my dark circle under my eyes into bags. LOL!!


Way to go Laura's Mom on that shelf. Love how that shelf turned out! You are a lucky gal! I need to work on getting my acrylic stamps in some sort of storage system. Also a big woohoo to Alyssa for all her awards and her legend status!
You are making me want to go out and hunt down some pom pom trims. They are so pretty just sitting in that dish begging to be on a layout or project.


Great reading while I sip on my morning tea!!! I was laughing at your boots. Too funny but if it's comfy for you, that's all that counts. Wasn't that fun using the be funky website? I can hardly wait to see your layout with the cartoons.



You must be proud of Alyssa... Way to go!!! Congrats!!!
Question: does your mom makes furniture for other people? I know, it's a funny question, but I would LOVE to have a desk like yours!!! If not, could you tell me at least the measurements? I want to see if I can have something like that!!!
One more thing: today - after a week - I'm checking your blog again... Finally!, but let me tell you that I've been very sick for the last three weeks, And a week ago the doctor told me that I have the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and because of that I have half of my face paralyzed... This can take days , maybe months... We'll see. At today, there are no improvements. At least I don't feel any more pain! ( that was THE WORST PART of this)
I promise that this week I'll read your blog again!!!



Great job keeping up with your project and once again I am just so jealous of your newest item (the stamp shelf)LOL. I still have to post my photo's and I do have to say that what you think are crummy photo's I would die for LOL.


Another great job on 365! and WOOHOO to alyssa :) congratulation, girl. ... and you are so lucky to have a very talented mother :)


I like the long posts ... even if I can't leave a long reply ... and I LOVE your stamp shelf!


Do not stop writing "so much" on your posts -- they are always so much FUN to read. Congratulations to Alyssa on her wonderful awards! AWESOME JOB, you must be so proud! Loving the photos this week, yet again. That stamp shelf is great -- your mom could have quite a business if she made these up and sold them! What a talent to be able to make things like this!
Thanks once again for the KOTM -- I can't thank you enough...it is soooo very much appreciated!

sasha farina

just keep writing laura.. I enjoy reading your blog. Always so honest and candid! love your boots! Congrats Alyssa!! Send her kisses from me!

sasha farina

and oh!!! tell your mom she rocks! :) she always make me wanna move to your neighbourhood LOL


Congratulations to Alyssa, you must be so proud of her. Your stamp shelf is awesome, what a clever mum you have.

Sandi N.


One proud mama! I think she is wonderful and doing a great job! Shines bright on you too!

Great shelf! Got to love a mom that can build things too! Looks perfect hanging there!

Your blogging is wonderful!

Sandi N.

Candi Tardio

your mom did a great job on that stamp shelf!!!
is she takin' orders...LOL

Sara Rossi

I am drooling over the stamp shelf!! Your mom did a FABOULOUS job on that! You've got to be so proud of the girls & their awards! CONGRATS Alyssa!! The pom poms look so fun & colorful--can't wait to see what you use them on!


Holy moly am I behind - either that or you have been posting like crazy - lol!!!!

First of all - congrats to A - that is just amazing to get all those school awards - VERY well deserved so it's so nice they acknowledge that!! Love that they bowed to her!!!

I just realized you had a new link on the left side of all your P365 pics ~ I was browsing there when I noticed the stamp shelf and thought . . . hey I didn't see that in a post and then as I scrolled down I saw how behind I was in surfin the net-lol!!

You are one lucky gal to have such a handy mom - the shelf really is NICE!


Laura, on the Be Funky post, I was so happy you shared. I used to have that option in a program I had with my Olypus Camera but since I got my Nikon, I cannot do the cartoons anymore. Tried to tap into the old program and it shuts down as it is clearly not compatible. Tried the BE FUNKY and works great. Thanks again for all you share. oh and the stamp shelf looks great.


oops OLYMPUS camera. forgot the M in my typing. Too quick to hit the post key.

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