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April 07, 2009


Susan L (lily40au)

Fingers crossed the car doesn't cost much when you go to pick it up. It sounds as though you've had enough excitement for quite a while.


A little crazy? I'd say a lot of craziness!!! LOL!
Yuck to the bugs, and being out late at night in a dodgy area of town.
Hope that car repair bill isn't too bad and that you find a reason for your sore ear.


sheesh! yeah, i hate bugs! that's why i don't mind winter here so much. (except for the below freezing days) i'm in the country and once and awhile we'll find a GIANT, meaty (big)spider (shudder)which i make someone else kill. or i vacuum up with the hose. good luck on the car and hope your ear feels better!


Dont you just HATE when you find a bug and for hours after, you feel like their is one crawling on you, most times in your hair?!


glad everyone is safe aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd tommorrow (or today) is another day....


Oh man you are giving me the heebie jeebies thinking about bugs this morning. That sounds like "one of those days" you had yesterday. Hope the car has only minor repairs needed. At least the girls can sleep in today after being up so late with all the tow truck fun!

ana roat

was it one of those funky roach looking things that hang around for a little while and then die? I HATE those things! They lie on their backs looking all dead and stiff and when you go to pick it up it wiggles and you scream like a girl (wink, wink) and have to call in the troops (usually the dog because your hubby is yelling "grow up it's just a little bug...) and then you're afraid to be barefoot in the house even though you've scrubbed the floors clean clear to china and back....ha,ha,ha...
Hope today is better and the expenses are low!

Lisa Howard

I must now make an appointment with my chiropractor in order to release the knots in my neck from the constant *shudder*...bugs...ewwwww! Oh. My. Goodness. You had one heck of a day. Good news is, when it ALL falls apart like that, you aren't due another for a mighty long time! At least that's what I always tell myself...lol!

Hope the car repair is minor and inexpensive. As for the ringing in your ears, I had something very similar. Not trying to issue a diagnosis, but it was the precursor to my 2 month battle with vertigo. All is good now though! Hope you find out this is something very simple to remedy! SERIOUSLY hope you have a better day today! :)

Jackie T

Yikes, what a day. It sounds like your timing belt broke. That happened to me on the freeway, and my car just turned off. I had to coast, thankfully I was close to an exit and could get off. If that is what it is it can be a bit pricey. We will hope it is not.

Have a better day today. You sure tell a funny story. When it rains....

Julie Batta

Wow, here's hoping today is better than yesterday. And here's hoping the bill for the car is less than expected because we all know what it is like to wait for the estimate, agonizing.

Wendy Sue

Oh, Laura. Your day got even worse after I talked to you...I am so sorry! You deserve TWO Starbucks this morning!! Hope your day is much much better today! :o)

Linda M.

$50 is pretty reasonable...I had to pay $40 to get someone to come unlock my door...that was just for him to show up with a slim-jim! AND, it was "only" $40 because he was a friend of my friend.

As for the ringing...sounds like tinnitus, of course...and the pressure might be part of it. I have constant mild ringing. I took some OTC meds for awhile, but it never really helped...I just don't even notice it most of the time...but sometimes (like at night before bed) it is really annoying. I often listen to my iPod to alleviate it.

Kathy W

Wow, that's some story! That IS definitely a crazy night. I hope your day today is much better!


wowzers... girl you had a day! i hope your ringing stops soon! ... that can't be fun.

wendy myers

Girl, You shoulda stayed in BED!!! LOL

Here's to a better day today!

Sandi N.


I hope you are feeling better soon. There is an over the counter med. for ringing in the ear. You could ask someone at the pharmacy for the name of it. I have to see a specialist of Meniere's Disease and sometimes I have had a slight issue with ringing in the ear. I wish you the best in your visit.

I hope you have a easy fix for the car that is easy on the wallet.

Sandi N.


OK, I hope you have a mellow day today! That ringing in the ears sounds super annoying- hopefully they can get to the bottom of it soon!


But did you get a picture of the bug??? LOL
Hope your day is better!


Haha, oh Laura... you are quite a story teller! :) I know those type of days... the ones where you either want to rewind and start over, or fast forward and just get it over with already! Haha hang in there.

Mary MacAskill

When it rains, it pours, no? Hope you're having a better day today! And good luck at your Dr.'s appointments!

Sara Rossi

What a day! You need some Calgon to take you away!! OMG! I'd be freaking out with those bugs too! Good luck with the car & the Dr.! Here's hoping tomorrow is much much better!


Hope you are having a much better day!!!! Good luck at the doctor!
Take a hot bubble bath!


I know it's not funny but I'm laughing out loud over here!!! I REALY REALLY thought you were going to show us a picture of the bug - lol!! I'm guessing you were too freaked out to stop for your camera!!

Hope your surviving the car situation. I HATE spending money on that stuff though it's so obviously important to have a good working car.


Oh goodness gracious lady...you had a rough day! It really stinks when you have to take the car in cause you never know how much $$ they are going to rob you of. Sorry. And your bug story make me laugh at loud. I would be screaming like a girl too and wondering if anyone saw me swating the air to get the bug outta the car!

sasha farina

huge, leggy, flying bug ---->> totally freak me out!! yuck Laura.. so sorry your night was so eventful! glad everything turned out okay though..


Wow, that is quite the day!

I hope everything turns out ok. That the tests turn out alright and you find what's the matter. I also hope that your car will be fixed soon and not be too expensive.

And lastly, I hope you got a good night's rest!

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