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April 22, 2009


Debbie - NZ

Very Cute Pics Laura, can't wait to see your other layouts...Wow back when i was in california well actually may 2001 it was only between 65-85...

Sara Rossi

She looks so adorable in those pigtails! My girls are like that with the gum too--drives me nuts sometimes. Can't wait to see some scrappy stuff--need some mojo!


she looks SO grown up! It's neat to watch her "grow up" on your blog.


what cute pics, I love that you are not even looking when taking them, they turn out awesome!

Laura T.

Can't believe how big the kids are getting. You have captured some great pictures.


she's so cute and you got some great shots!! aydan is sitting next to me and he asked who that girl was and then he told me she was cute ;)


Laura, 95 degrees! I am so jealous! We woke up to 35 degrees today. It's freezing! But should be sunny and upper 70s all weekend (which is unusual for gloomy, rainy, cold southwest PA). Do you live in southern CA?


love the crooked pigtails! my dd won't sit still long enough for me to get an even pony! sometimes it is easier to throw on a cute knit hat..she likes it too!!
12 porjects?? i sure do miss scrappin'!!

Heather M.

love those pigtails! i can never get helayna's straight - she won't sit still long enough!

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