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April 09, 2009



I saw your pages today! I love that line, the colors are spunky & bright! I always wondered how they got the product to designers and then had them out in shelves...now I see how it works!


Love these! I love the worn green paper and the notebook paper! Really cute! I'll have to check out the blog! Congrats!


Hi Laura :)

Wow, cute!!! Now I have another line I need to get! Haha!

I loved your story about the brads... Too funny!!!

Victoria S.

Fabulous! both of them -such cute girls too!

Jamie Harder

LOVE your pages!! Such yummy colors!!


Hey, I know those girls! Your layouts are great as usual, and now I think I NEED that product line...and I'm supposed to be cutting back.


It's so funny that you had no idea what the line would be ... and it's so cool that you had a photo shoot for your friend's kids ... I'll bet they'll be thrilled to be in a magazine!


I KNEW THAT WAS YOU!!! MM didn't put your name on the lo but I recognized your handwriting right away and then the pic :) Love this line!

wendy myers

I saw those and I just knew I recognized your work. Love them! You are such a talented individual!

Heather Ruwe

hi laura!

i just love this line! i don't have any girls but i bought it to make cards b/c it is too cute. thanks for sharing your LO's. they are so good.

Lynn Ghahary

Super cute Laura! I'm still waiting for my Target to get the boy stuff in as they only have the girl collection right now. This is such a cute line and I love those badges!

Sandi N.


Great colors, papers and photos! I remember these photos from last year. Very cute girls!

Happy Good Friday!

Sandi N.

Brenda H

love your layouts! And so love what you did with the jillibean product! So cute - hope you have a fabulous Easter!

Sara Rossi

These came out so cool--love this line of papers! How fun that you got some "instant" models to pose for you! Think it's pretty cool what you do with the product they send you before you know how it's going to look. You manage to pull it together perfectly!

Krista Lund

lovin' this collection and you rocked it! how fun to get to play with paper/supplies before anyone else!

Laura T.

What great layouts! I love the colors you used in them. Deneen has such beautiful daughters.


Wow! I am always inspired by your layouts!

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