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April 16, 2009



But check out that form!
As they say..it's all fun and games til someone gets hurt...then it's a sport.


that is too funny, love all her layers of padding! and your walls, not too bad! I have done that before!


LOL!!! I didn't know that was Sarah in the first pic...thought it was a stuffed animal or something dressed up. Kids are good about being creative. And your paint situation cracks me up!!


Love that they have such fun together. And love the walls LOL.

Megan Renfree

Thats hilarious!! My hubby would have a fit if the kids did that in our house. they would no doubt break the tv or something!!


These photos are hilarious, love that padding. I'm always telling my boys off for throwing balls inside, maybe I should get some on a strtchy string too, might lessen the damage. although they don't always have to have a ball to do damage, one of them was showing a friend of his one monday morning how he took a mark in footy(Aussie rules, big leap up to snatch the ball out of the air in front of the opposition)on the Saturday but forgot he was underneath the light fixture in the living room. We were still finding shattered bits of glass for days after. We can laugh now, not so funny at the time though.
Have a great day and enjoy those gorgeous girls.


After I was done laughing at the protection gear, all I could do was count how many things Alyssa could break when she threw the ball - lol!! And you say she doesn't like softball!?!

wendy myers

When I saw the first photo, I thought why does Laura have a pile of stuff by her door, I did nt realize it was Sarah! LOL She was really padded up. Sounds like they have a good time.

Heather Ruwe

LOL! Sara cracks me up with all that padding. :)


That was too funny Laura!!! I was wondering why Sarah was all padded up.


LOL! Cute photos!


i WISH i could be so easy going as you are!!! First I would worry about the girls breaking an arm or a leg. Then I would worry about them breaking something in the house...and then no one would have fun. dont even get me started on painting or doing something in or around my home. I've been 'doing' a pathway for about 2 months now and thats just in the planning stages...geesch...


this is hilarious!!


Your girls are something else :)

My kids play hard inside the house, too. I wonder if any of my stuff will stay in tact over the next few years. Our couch is already broken and the table is wobbly and a few broken vases ... but I remember being that age and then I smile :)


Hey Laura, this is totally unrealted to this post, but here is my take on your challenge from a few weeks ago. http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1479030
BTW, those pics are too funny!

Susan D.

these are too funny! and you are brave to allow them to do that in the house. =0)

Heather M.

Oh my gosh, those photos are hilarious! HAHAHAHAHA!


they're so hilarious!!!

sasha farina

*grins* Heee... i like the way she winks at you! LOL.. and Sarah.. so funny with her many layers of protection!

Sara Rossi

OMG! They are hysterical!! How is it they like to play ball inside instead of out?? Sarah all bundled up like that cracks me up! Good luck on the painting!

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