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April 22, 2009


Lisa Howard

LOVE seeing the wee ones! That Nikolas is a doll baby! And Ayana is just beautiful! BTW, I'm with you on the toys...no worries about boys playing with girls toys and vice versa. My son even dressed like a girl for Halloween one time...and he is CERTAINLY all boy! lol! Hope you are doing well! :)


Oh that boy is going to be a real heartbreaker one day!


way to cute! Those two are so funny together and I love Nikko's big smile.

Caryl Hope

This just made my day brighter! The "Awww, how cute" for the grandparents did it for me {lol}. Love the photos of the little tykes, thanks for sharing them. And Nikolas smile.... Priceless! :-)


Man Nikolas is a CUTIE!!! I just love his big smiles - priceless!!

And Anaya . . . well she is just the prettiest little thing isn't she! I LOVE the back of her hair ~ before I read she did it herself - lol! She must have been very proud when you complimented her - oops!

Sandi N.


Your daycare kids are so cute. Fun to see all the stuff they do and say.

Sandi N.


they are so cute together and I love her hair!


Thanks for sharing the adorable photos :) I have just one comment.... "Aww... how cute!" :)


Love these photos! Adorable kids and I love the way you capture the everyday! In love with the layout below too!!

Sara Rossi

HA! Love the crazy hair! Gianna had crazy hair day today & loved how I did her hair. Have to laugh at Nicholas' "scrunchy face" --too cute!


The Niko smile is killing me!! lol Miranda does the same stinkin' thing when I ask her to smile!! I'll send you a photo. Its hilarious.


Nikolas is definately growing up! wow~ looks so much older from the last time you posted pictures of him! what a cutie!

Heather M.

that look on his face is priceless - totally cracks me up!

great job on the hair!


Totally agree with you about boys playing with supposedly 'girly' toys. My 2-yr old son likes to do the same stuff.

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