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April 07, 2009


Sara Rossi

LOVE these!!! You just ROCK with how many pics you fit on each page! I'm with you on lifting-sometimes it's perfect just as it is (as you can see with how many times I lift YOU!!) LOL!! Oh & I might have some of those die cuts you need--I can send them to you!

Sara Rossi

Sorry I meant to add that I lifted you on your last challenge--just posted it! LOL!


I love how the pages look so "clean" in the collage format - great way to showcase a lot of pics - which we all have from bdays!


I am so going to lift you lifting Erin LOL! Great layouts and love the colors.


Cuteness here! Love your collage LOs Laura!! You always work them well...I'm the same way about scrapping b-days and holidays just because I like to capture the little stuff more. But using collages for b-days is my favorite way to capture the day! TFS

Lisa Howard

Love the photo collage idea. And I'm thrilled to know that even you scraplift from time to time. :)


Wow, your 4 year old layout looks very fresh and current, I totally love that about your style...it's so timeless. My layouts from 4 years ago definitely look like they were made 4 years ago LOL.


I really love those LO's! Fabulous work!

Chris Ross

Great layouts, even if they are old!! It is so fun to see older layouts and photos. Just reminds us of how fast time goes.


ohhh my.. this is amazing ( as usual ) and I love the multiple use of photoes.. *note to oneself: need to learn that*.
Love the colours and the super journaling.
But you are my inspiration often.. now I have one more Layout to lift ;)
Have a nice day - its raining here today too

sasha farina

you're really great with many photos layout!! I'm so jealous!

Sandi N.


I need to finish some layouts I have on hand since 2002. I no longer love the paper or the "Frame-Ups". Remember those little people everyone collected. Oh and the MAMBI stick children too. I saw in CK they are bringing them back.

What is some of your, "wish I would have passed on buying and putting in your SB"?

Love your layouts here they look so pretty! You really have a great eye for balance.

Sandi N.

Heather Crawford

HA..TOTALLY remember that layout of Erin's..have it in my notebook of layouts too...too funny..always wish she had a blog..love your take on it!

Kathy W

I love your LOs. You have inspired me to try the photo collage. Thanks!


i LOVE this!

I understand what you mean about scrapping a ton of photos! I have a hard time with it, too. And my husband always wants me to put more pictures on the page! He's one of those guys who doesn't appreciate white space, or a layout with just one photo ... why not just put it in a frame?
So ... I love having another idea in my arsenal ...


I have that same page ripped out too! love Erin's style! so I have been meaning to ask you...how do you put that thin black line around your photos and collages!

Monica G

Love that first card, might just have to lift that one!


i love how you use many photos on your LOs and they don't look cluttered :)

Paola Norman

I remember that layout by Erin. That's funny that you had all the exact pp and embellishments. How cool is that? I've looked for Erin's work but I can't find any recent stuff nor can I find a blog..
Love your take on it.
Great idea to get all those birthday pics on one layout.
Take care.

Susan D.

totally love these. i don't really scrap the parties, but i might need to lift ya, to get some done. i mean, otherwise why do i take so many pics if they are never going to see the light of day?!?!

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