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April 04, 2009


Monica G

So the crud that is on your curling iron is just hairspray...easy to clean just heat it up and spray with a little all purpose cleaner and wipe with a warm cloth, amy take a little time to get it all off but it does work. Since I am a hairstylist I have to keep mine clean so it is something I do every couple of months. I have curly hair too and when I wear mine curly I find that I have to touch up a few pieces too. It's just has a mind of its own!


Cool to see all your pics on Saturday morning! Its funny because I think we all have the same issues around our house...cords in the way, pictures that need to be hung up, dirty curling irons. Funny because I use my curling iron about once every 3 months and I own about 5 of them. Funny how you already have curly hair and use a curling iron. I have totally straight hair and I don't use it!
Gosh, must of taken forever to type this all up!
And congrats on Sarah's accomplishments...you must be very proud.
And the zip up hoodie thing...so funny because both of my kids cannot wear one without it zipped up to the top, just happened this morning!


Oh, have to add again...regarding the hanging of the pictures...I had a ton of stuff to hang up and just never got around to it. I have a small organizer box that is filled with nails, picture hooks, dry wall anchors and when I need to hang stuff I grab that and my tool bucket and just go around the house fixing stuff or hanging stuff up.


Once again, thanks for sharing :) It's nice to see a glimpse into another person's life.

My curling iron is just as bad if not worse! And I don't really have the guts to use so many photos from around the house. I mean, I'd like the place we live to be in the album, but the kids are so cute and I just want pictures of them!

By the way, I'm feeling so bad right now ... I got my kit a few weeks ago and still haven't started the journaling part. Life kind of took over and it felt so daunting to have to do months worth! I really should do it ...


I just love your Saturday morning photos. I always check them. I missed out on the whole 365 thing, but no worries, I still take lots of photos. I love all of the Twilight stuff. I found some candy at Walmart and bought it. The candy is horrible but the boxes are sweet.


so fun! Hope you got some sleep....the candle issue...I don't burn mine anymore I have a candle burner. I turn it on and leave it on....don't have to worry about fire....but you have little fingers about....you're a rock star keeping up with these pictures!

Kathy F

Hi Laura! Love all your photos! Kelsey is a HUGE twilight fan, as soon as I read the post about the wall hanging, I called her over (she's watching Twilight right now for the 50 th time, lol) to show her and she thought that was cool. I still have extra curtains sitting on the floor in her room to hang up and they've been there for A LOOONNNNGGGG time! Maybe that'll be my picture of the day today, the curtains on the floor. Speaking of which. I actually cancelled my order for the kit yesterday. It's a long story but I was very ticked off at their customer service dept at the way they handled things with my order. I have decided to improvise and make my own idea of the project, it just won't be as fancy as the actual kits but I'm okay with that.

Thanks for being inspiring again!!! BTW, loved the card post from yesterday too! Have a good Saturday, hope you are having good weather, we finally have sunshine after about 5 days of snow.


great post Laura, makes me wish I was doing this project, maybe next year I will try. Makes you remember all the little things! For your curling iron, you can use some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, and it all that will come off! I used to be like that with candles too, but now I burn them, and I have moved onto Wallflowers from Bath & Body!

Mary MacAskill

I envy your organization! I STILL need to get around to some photo editing - see why I didn't even chance that Project 365?? And total sidenote, I just love those paper lanterns in S's room!

Lisa D

Oh I enjoyed this post so much Laura! I am so needing some motivation today to get back on track with my Project 365, and not use so many "filler" photos. Omg it seems I use one daily. LOL Anyway, loving all your photos these last two weeks. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing all your 365's. Neat to see. So I will probably be in the minority by saying I do not even have a curling iron in the house. I will either need to purchase one or make an appointment at the hair salon for my daughter...she has to have a curly ponytail for her dance recital this year. I cannot even tell you how many things need hanging around here...I should make a list and maybe I will be more likely to get them done. Love Twilight but I am team Edward- lol! Oh and go ahead and burn those candles...I used to be the same way.

Sara Rossi

Great to see both weeks--worth the wait! Your curling iron DOES look like everyone else's! And yes that's hairspray stuck to it. Love those lanterns in Sarah's room--laughed at her wanting a makeover for it. I'm ready to re-do Marissa's but she won't have it. I knew about Soccer in the house but Volleyball? You are a brave woman! I can't wait to see what all the scrap re-oganizing has been about. I have some vague ideas...looking forward to it! You need to talk to Alyssa about Jacob--I'm totally Team Edward!! Now I have to get a move on my 365!! I feel like I've been slacking a bit!

Sandi N.


I am so proud of you! It is wonderful to see how you are keeping up with this project.

It is nice to read all the stories behind the photos.

Sandi N.

Marie Levite

I have the mate to your curling iron here in NY. LOL Good for you, acutally showing it as is. Your photo's are great! Such vibrant color.

Lisa Howard

ALWAYS love seeing your 365 photos! Hope you had a great weekend!

lovely cee.

oh my God!!! look at the Jacob poster. please tell Alyssa that Joe (my human Edward) and i are twilight addicts- im squealing with her. although we're both Team Edward (Joe says he gets Edward- that's why he's on his team and im on his team for a totally different reason "i get him alright" wink- wink) but Jacob is hot-so to speak:) is Alyssa excited about the next movie? i cant wait. (omg, i'm 30 plus for heaven sake)

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