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April 14, 2009


Heather M.

great photos! love the one of her standing at second base!


I so miss the days of my girls playing for MYSA, but I sure don't miss the cold nights every night! I loved getting to watch Allison play travel ball games at BLD, but she never really cared for them due to the artificial turf. As for the bunting, I totally understand. Allison is a power hitter with a very expensive bat, so I still cringe when they tell her to bunt...they tell me it is a strategy--whatever. I'll take a double or home run hit any day! Way more exciting for us mom spectators!!!


Great pics! Don't feel bad about not being done, you do so much scrapping already! I don't know how you do it all!

Laura T.

Sarah looks so grown up. I'm hoping to get Nicholas involved is some kind of sports this summer ... either T-Ball or soccer. I'm hoping soccer because at least you are constantly running around and I don't think he'd get bored with that.


Love the photo's of Sarah and really like the one of Alyssa reading (a girl after my own heart LOL). Can't wait to see what you come up with for the album.

Krista Lund

good for you for bringing the camera! i can't wait to see the sports album!

Nancy Mackey

love the picture at second base- she looks so "in the zone" and yet you can see her hair bow- perfect!

Lisa Howard

Great photos Laura! I miss the craziness of running my kids to and fro. Thanks for letting me re-live a bit of that through you! :)


omg. the ones w the ponytail ribbons showing are my absolute faves. love that your girls are so athletic.

lisa d

Loving these photos -- especially the one of Alyssa waiting to get up a third time, and Sarah at 2nd with the hairbow so clearly showing her girly side :) Can't wait to see what you create with these pics!


very cute sporty girl!


Great pics Laura! You captured everything! And gosh, Sarah is sprouting like a weed! Love the pic of Alyssa reading too! Can't wait to see your sports album!

Mary MacAskill

Great photos! I wouldn't even know where to start at a sporting event! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with these!


She is totally serious but totally adorable!

Kim Ket.

Don't ya love this time of year? My two boys play baseball (my older just got MVP for his first game), and I just go nuts watching them! :)


Great action pics! It's so cute to see how "tough" they look in their uniforms and then have a cute hair bow - lol!!


Great sports shots. I take lousy sports shots. The lighting is never right. Either way too bright or too dark. All of our games are at sunset ...


Awww....I can hear the softball chants now, smell the feild, hear the crack of the bat, the soft thump as the ball hits the mit...

I love softball.

Sara Rossi

Great pics Laura! Love that you get her at all the positions & they tell the story! Looks like she really likes it too! Congrats on her win!

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