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April 18, 2009


wendy myers

I wanted to let you know that I started my KOTM school layouts yesterday, only got to do until 2nd grade, so not much to it. It was satisfying getting something done. Thanks for the encouragement on that project. Wish I could offer encouragement for you! LOL

Can't wait to see your creations


Haha, thanks a lot for the super "mean" post, Laura ;) (Just teasin!)


I love it when you blog...doesn't matter how much you share. I see paint in the background. LOL! At least that part is done. Don't you wish you were given a few extra hours each day to get caught up?


Alright that is just "mean"...but we know you will share when you can. So what was the final decision on the new paint color? I am off to go do some painting now...not really a favorite thing for me. Love picking new colors, but not so much the actual painting.

Jackie T

Cool,can't wait to see all your creations. I also have lost the 365 mojo. I think I am going to do a couple of month pages along with the weekly pages. That way I don't feel like I have failed, and also to realize that this should be fun and not pressure to do it "just so". Thanks for all you inspiration, and the photos. I truly get fantastic ideas from you. Keep it up. Thanks so much

Susan D.

can't wait to see the new layouts. i've been in a blogging funk for the last year, but i'm trying.

{thanks for voting for my *scrapmess*...the leaders are well over 2K votes, i think, so no hope for me. that's okay. it's actually a little better than the pics, i think. i got dumped in there right before i had my little guy-15 months ago...and i'm just now trying to make sense of it. and yes it drives me bonkers!!!}

michelle lanning

yeah life has gotten in the way here and I don't even want to try to think of how many weeks I am behind!


michelle lanning

can you send me your wmail my computer isn't letting me access it from your profile?

Lynn Ghahary

Laura you crack me up girl! We're all entitled to a little slack here and there so if the blog needs to slide so be it! Can't wait to see what these super duper top secret projects are that you're working on. Any hints *when* we might be able to see them? :D


When can you show us? I can't wait to see. I'm a big fan of your work!


Interesting timing, seeing that slice in your basket. I did some reading up on them yesterday. I don't have any die cutting machine. Do you like it?


Hey, it's nice to get a post even if you CAN'T SHOW US! Where can we see them? Will they be published in magazines?

Man, I have enough to do to try and catch up that I can't even imagine pulling out old albums and re-doing things. Wow.

You have boundless energy. You're amazing!

So, have fun, get the mojo going, and make something we can see :)



I have trouble getting my photos organized. I was wondering if you could share your photo organizing to putting them into album process.



ok that is just mean - lol!!! it will give us all something to look forward too :)

Heather M.

I'm glad you've been able to get some scrapping done! So when do we get to see all those layouts you're taunting us with??!


I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Doncha just hate moments like this where you got 5 fires burning, you are putting them out only to have 2 other ones popping up somewhere behind you?? that total business of being super busy but not getting to the finish line drives me crazy!


Well I can't wait to see the layouts when you can post them! Is that some new MM paper packets that haven't hit the market yet in your Slice basket? They look like 8x8 paper pads! Do tell!

sasha farina

whatever you're cookin' ... i can't wait to see it. I'm sure they will be awesome!

Sara Rossi

I know what you mean about not being in the blogging mood. Lately haven't been in any kind of creative mood. Don't feel bad about being behind on the 365--so am I! I sorta don't know where to start!!

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