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April 20, 2009



whoo is the genius? lol Cute layout Was she a daycare kiddo?


love it! love it! love it! can you tell I like this lo - lol!?!?!! I'm drawn to this style of slightly brighter colors and you know I like the owl! Like the distressed paper a lot too. CUTE!

Wendy Sue

Super cute layout, you genius, you! :o)

Heather Ruwe

Great LO! I have been in a creative funk too. Thanks for the inspiration. :)


Cute Laura! Love seeing something new from you! All I can hear in my head is the Noggin song, "Everywhere I Go". She is cute and I love the owl...don't think I ever saw an owl from you before. TFS!

Kim Rose

So cute! Still waiting for those new MM layouts. I am sure they are adoarable!

Sandi N.


I love your eye for layering and color. You are just amazing!

Sandi N.


Love the layout! The title is awesome! I'll probably snag it sometime. Titles are my boon.


Cute layout! Love the owl and title too...the pink in the photo collage, is it patterned paper? I love the photos too!


Very cute. Too many buttons???there is no such thing as too many buttons,lol.

Lynn Ghahary

OMG! You crack me up! The title is definitely pure genius! And that little owl and branch look adorable with those photos. :)


Absolutely adorable!!


What a great layout, i like turquoise buttons and the title is perfect. Sarah looks like she is having a blast and nice photos with all the different softball positions and plays


This is very adorable! I esp. love the way you've painted the background and the placement of the owl and branch.

danni perez

so cute girl!

sasha farina

i have to ask.. is it scary that i can identify the kids before reading? i don't always do that you know.. like i know they belong to someone but i cant remember their names, but this one.. i just know its Miranda LOL.. i amaze myself. yeah.. I'm easy like that :D

Sarah Klemish

Awesome girl! LOVE the colors and the sweet pictures! The Owl/branch combo is the cutest!

Kelsy Propp

I absolutely adore this page...thanks for sharing!

Sara Rossi

Love the yummy colors on this Laura! That owl is too cute!

Heather M.

too cute! those googly eyes are hilarious! i absolutely love the colors and those sweet photos!

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