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May 14, 2009



Gosh darn it, that bugs the heck out of me all the time, too!!! I always feel like, it's simple math. It should line up. But NOOOO! Haha, glad to know it doesn't even work for the experts every time :) Hehe cute layout, Laura! I'll have to give your sketch a try :)


P.S. When it does that to me, sometimes I just line everything up with one side of the page... then, if there's a small gap at the other side because somehow things were too short, I just shave off the whole side of the page, so it's just a tiny bit smaller than a 12x12. Nobody knows, and you can't tell when it's in the album. Just a thought :)

Laura T.

BEAUTIFUL. I love how you put the buttons in the middle of the flowers. Great idea!


very good sketch! I know what you mean about the lines! oh well...yeah right, until you pull them off and fix them! {in my case anyways!}

Jamie Harder

Love your sketch! Might have to try that one:) Your layout is fabulous...as usual!!!


How fun! I love your lo w/ Haley and your sketch. It was fun to peek at the others take on it too - I never seem to remember I can always flip a sketch depending on which way my pics are!


Laura, I love this sketch and LO...the big picture with all the little ones! This is a great way to put a lot of pics on your page and show some cute PP as well!! I'll check out the sketch site!

Lynn Ghahary

Love your sketch Laura! Gonna add it to my stash of super sketches to try out. And I do the same thing with a sketch. Get the bones of my layout down and then throw the sketch away. I like to say so it doesn't cramp my "creative process" but that's just because it sounds cool. Hee hee!

Heather Ruwe


I love this! I am gonna use that sketch. Love the LO. Thanks for sharing. :)


Thanks for the sketch, I really loved using it to showcase my anniversary pics. I really love it when the sketch works for photos I want to scrap now and everything comes together.


Wonderful! You are so talented!

Sarah Klemish

So so sweet Laura! I am printing off the sketch - maybe I'll play with it this weekend!!


I think this is one of my favorite layouts you have designed!!! Photos are fabulous. I may try your sketch too, to give me a jumpstart!!!


Awesome! It's so nice to see what you had in mind when you made the sketch. It's always so hard to choose the one photo to highlight :)
I love the colors and I love the flowers. Great!


Oh, and though I'm by no means an expert on your style, I had a feeling that you'd throw something fancy in there ... and the ribbon is gorgeous! Did you design the layout around the ribbon because the colors match exactly :)

Robyn Longhurst

Love the sketch! I love sketches that are for lots of photos!
I'm just the same on the little spaces, though - I can COMPLETELY relate!
You're great!

sasha farina

hee!! i've learnt that lesson the hard way.. so nowadays, no more precise cutting to be assembled the length of the cs.. drives me nuts!

Heather M.

super cute! love the scallops!

Sara Rossi

What a happy LO! Love the yellow & pink! Great sketch too--I can see using this a lot!!

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