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May 15, 2009



Very fun!

Laura T.

I saw this layout on their site -- I didn't realize it was yours until I saw your name. It's different than your normal style (but I still love it).


that sun looks like Pebbles Inc...I think I have one too, lol. yeah those little kids! remember the M&MBI ones too!


omg,i so remember pebbles in my pocket. i once took a taxi while in Las Vegas and it only cost me $60 bucks.lol.
they worst part was not only that my hubby was ticked, but it only bought a few die cuts.lol


opps, i meant to say i took a taxi to their store.


Such a fun LO Laura!!! Always look forward to when you share your work!!
Love seeing all the old pics of the girlies...keep them coming!


This is a fun and adorable layout! I wish I could find their products in my area!!!


Sometimes simple is best. The photos are great. How on earth do you only choose four? I have so many photoshoots from the park and most of them are well over 20 photos ... and I love them all!

It's harder to imagine when it's somebody else's kids. But, I see something different about my kids from every photo. Outsiders may think they look the same or that it doesn't matter, but I find it so hard to choose one or two or four when they are all so good! I have this need to capture every nuance of my children.

Krista Lund

hey a shout out to fremont! super cool!!
i like the bright colors.


love the layout. wow, digging out the ol' diecuts. i may have to do that too. i've got a bunch from mme - can you do some samples with those? lol

enjoy visiting your blog - you always have awesome layouts and links. thanks for sharing!

sasha farina

you know what? i can totally see the pink and purple socks.. LOL.

Heather M.

what?! gone already?! lol! i managed to sneak a peek earlier in my google reader - very cute and love the mismatched socks!

so where's it getting pubbed?

Mary MacAskill

That was fast!

Sara Rossi

I just love how you take something old & make it work perfectly! You ROCK Laura!!

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