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May 10, 2009



Happy Mother's Day! I love, love this idea and your take on it is awesome!! Its got that homemade feel to it! Sounds like you had an great day with all those treats and gifts and a movie to top it off!

jennifer mcguire

love it!


Happy Mother's Day! Sounds like you had a good one. Very cute gift...I can see why you wouldn't want to give it away.


Happy Mother's Day Laura! I cleaned house and did laundry as well LOL.
Love the tree and will definately have to lift this one from you and Maggie! Thanks for always inspiring me!


So cute, Laura!!! I think I have to Lift that design! :-))) Happy Mother's Day!

sasha farina

Happy Mother's Day Laura!!!


Happy Mother's Day to you too! ... and what an adorable project :)

Laura T.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I love the framed project you created --- and it doesn't look too hard to make ... I may have to give it a shot.


What a cute idea!!

Sounds like you had a nice day :)

I ended up making my mom a frame with those owls I showed you awhile back. I'll have to post a picture soon.


that is cleverly cute. i like it.

Sarah W.

Fun! Both versions ;) Thanks for sharing!


This is so cute! I love it!


Awesome tree! I saw the original by Maggie, but had forgotten it. Super cute!

Happy Mother's Day! I baked cupcakes, too :) My youngest son's birthday was last Thursday and we had a family party on Sunday.

Hey, I was wondering if you cut all the strips you use in your borders yourself, or if there is a magic pack of scallop edged strips out there ... I was actually doing your sketch and could not find what I wanted ... I admire all the little details you put in to things. You don't fully appreciate it (like the multiple layers of little colorful strips to make one great stripe) until you try to do it yourself! My layout is seriously lacking in the cute little details that I love so much about yours.

Sandi N.


Sorry I am behind on your blog. Just very busy around here. Love your frame! I hope your day was grand.

Sandi N.


Happy Mother's Day!
I just LOVE that button tree :)

Brenda H

Hope you had a Happy Mothers day! Love your frames - darling!

*GReat tag layout below. I so love the one i did - just to look back on one day and see what was 'in' or what i loved!

Krista Lund

this is adorable! i will put it on my to-make list :)

wendy myers

This is adorable, i opted for the handmade gift as well and covered a dollar store frame and put my favorite picture of the 4 of us in it for mom. She loves homemade best i am sure, I know I do.

Love IT!!
On the love it scale it's an 9!

Sara Rossi

Happy (belated) Mother's Day! Sounds like a nice day minus the laundry but we all do that! So sweet of the girls to bake for you! I LOVE that button tree! You are such an inspiration!


such a charming little tree laura!

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