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May 03, 2009



Love it Laura, great idea to use all those jeans tags. Lol, glad your ahead in your 365 project might make up for all of us that are behind.


I have been trying to find a decent pair of jeans since the beginning of winter (Ok so probably only the last month or so) but why is it so difficult? I know I have gained a little weight but there must be jeans made for me somewhere out there right?
Love your LO.


VERY cool...love this..love all the little tags and this -n- that's cute..cute..and I'm sure your hair looked great!


I live in that very same outfit! :)

Sasha Farina

oh i love all the tags!!! that photo looks hot, Laura! :)


Great layout, I love that you had all of these tags just waiting for the right layout. What do you use to store all your tags?

Always enjoy reading your blog - it's on my daily list. :)



Love your self portrait....very cool perspective. This time of year seems so crazy for me so I envy you that you are able to keep up as well as you have on your 365!

Sara Rossi

LOVE the LO!!! I keep tags too "just in case" & I love how they look on this! And don't even talk to me about 365---I'm so behind on journaling & printing pics!


I love my jeans too. And don't you look cute in them. :)


Hey Laura! I love what you did with that photo and all your jean tags. Very cute idea. I save all my jean tags too and have quite a collection.

Sandi N.


I like to save these tags too. Looks like a bunch of fun using them.

I am working on organization again this week. I am packing boxes of clothing from the girls closets and I also pulled out 10 items from my closet too. Much more to go :)

Thanks so much for sharing.

Sandi N.

Laura T.

What a fun layout! Kind of reminds me of a layout I did when Nicholas was little ... I created a layout using all different tags from clothes he was wearing at that time.


Great lo! I have a bunch of tags from Jordan's clothes somewhere - you've inspired me to find them :)

Congrats on getting caught up on P365! I have two weeks to print and I've somehow managed to stay caught up. I do need some random fillers though . . . shhhhh!

Wendy Seu

Look at you in your cute jeans! And I love that you saved the tags for a page - very fun! :o)

Wendy Sue

Yes, I really can type...SUE.


I just love that pic! So unique and cute!! Love the tags of course!! The colors work so well here! So nice to see a lo about you!! TFS!

Megan Renfree

What a cool photo, and layout! I caught up on my 365 last night too. And I'm actaully a day ahead, which is quite handy! lol I am finding I have been slack at taking photos. And it would seem every one I do take is riley on his DS or connor on the computer. Got to get some snaps of them doing everything else they do!!

Heather M.

love that great photo and awesome layout!


Love your perspective!! So fun, and you look great in them!!


very cool page :) ... and i loved that thankful album that you made back then!


I think you spoke for every woman with this layout. It's so true!!! Shopping for jeans is so hard! Who wants to try on a million pairs? And then, more often than not, they look fine in the dressing room and change once you get them home. I've found I have to buy them tighter than I want to because they relax over time ...

Anyway, I think it's an awesome layout. Me? I would never voluntary take a picture of just my mid-section, but yours appears to be flatter than mine :)

I still have to fill in the first few months of journaling for my 365 project. I just procrastinate too much!


that is my *uniform* as well. and throw in some old navy sweats and flip flops and I am set!

Mary MacAskill

That is my style too, and I love that you save your jeans tags. Me too, but I haven't bought too many lately or I'd be lifting this layout. Love it! They really make the coolest tags.


that laura is one hip chica!

Susan Lilian

I love working with tags and this is so cute. Thanks for the inspiration.

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