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May 17, 2009



these are so fun! i love this idea. you are so good to sticking with your projects- wtg!!

Ashley M

I love these layouts. I need to scrap my son's first year and this just might be the perfect idea to get me started. :)

Jamie Harder

I love the monthly layout idea:) and I LOVE how both of these turned out!!!


Laura, your pages are just so adorable! You are the QUEEN of collages. I really need to do some of those. I haven't gotten much creative time at all lately, due to a lot of other things going on in my life, but when I do, I'm totally going to do some B&W collages. Cute stuff. Thanks for being so inspiring, as always :)

Carine Hartman

I wish Isa's daycare teacher would make such beautifull layouts off her days at the daycare center.


Wow, love those layouts. Great job!

Mary Juckett

Hi Laura, will you be showing all of your months that you do....I would love to see all the months if you have them....I know you won't have them done now, because it hasn't happened yet, right? LOL....what I mean is will you be showing every month as you get them done?



i like it. i LOVE the simple journaling though. i tend to get wordy even when i just want to keep it short and sweet


How cute these are. That is a really greast idea of how to get them documented.
I just assumed that Hayley and Nikolas were the only two with you during the day.
I had to laugh when you talked about how long the one collage took you, as I remembered how long it took me to figure it out. If it weren't for you I may still be trying- lol!!

Lynn Ghahary

Awesome way to get all those photos on one page. Love it!


Great idea! They are all really cute! Is it hard to leave the little border around each photo when making the collage?

Sandi N.


You have taught me so much about doing a layout. I love your style and I am drawn to it in books and mags. I feel so special to be able to see even more ideas on your blog. Thanks for being so friendly and generous with your time and talent.

Sandi N.


Love the collages! This is something I want to learn to do too!

Gorgeous layouts and design!

Heather M.

great idea! i love your photo collages!

Laura T.

Love the layouts --- see this would be perfect for my 12 of 12 layouts. How did you manage to make the collage? Did you create in Photoshop? I love how you made all the pictures in b/w and used colorful papers.

BTW - did I ask you already ... what type of trimmer do you use?


Genious idea to do this for the daycare kids! YOu captured a lot of fun photos with personality!
Love the scalloped calendar too!


What a fun project - love the 9x9 size and the collage lo with just a little white space - nice!!

Paola Norman

Great layotus I love how you adapted them.
Great versatility.
Very nice.


I've wanted to do something like this ever since your first one ... but I keep putting it off because I'm unsure of the photos ... if I use all the left-over photos from each month, I feel like it's a reject page. What do you think? I take way too many photos ...

By the way, your string thing has kind of appeared in my own scrapbooking. I hope you don't mind. I loved it on your stuff and I'm always looking for ways to add more detail, but in a simple way. I used to do a ton of eyelets and then brads ... but it started to feel like too much. This is nice and light. Thanks :)

Sara Rossi

I just LOVE your collages! Awesome LO's of course! I like those papers too. Laughed at the misplaced LO--I have some stuff I've been looking for & can not for the life of me find it! Drives me nuts!


Wow, these are great! ove the clean graphic feel. It is so fab how you're doing a monthly layout with a photo collage. Need to learn how to do those. :)

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