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May 19, 2009



This is really cute and fun Laura! I love those using those silver gems...can't get enough of them.
This is a great idea to scrap about your blogging...such a big part of you! TFS!

Kelly Jo

what a great page. I am really liking the "every day" pages lately and am trying to do more of them. It will be so fun to look back on.

Lisa Howard

Hi Laura! I've missed stopping by the past few days...actually I think it may be weeks...oh my! Life has interferred with my blog time! lol! Love this layout! Love the purpose, the design, even love the journaling that you think isn't exactly "right". Glad you decided it is more than OK as is!

Just wanted to thank you for always being willing to share. You have helped me more times than I can count. And I love how you always take the time to respond to all the comments. You are one of the reasons I decided to blog. I only started in January and already it is one of my true passions. And just like you, I love how I can be me, document the day-to-day and interact with others. So I guess I'm also thanking you for the inspiration to blog! ***HUGS***

Lynn Ghahary

This is a great page Laura and I have to say I am happy that you are passionate about blogging. I have learned so much from you and am thrilled to not only visit your blog but to have become friends with you. You are one amazing woman! Thank you for the continued inspiration my friend! :)


Thanks for the invitation to ask a question, I sometimes worry I am grilling you for information. I really like your style though. A couple of posts ago, you shared layouts of the daycare kids and you said something about the photos not being correctly sized for the grid (or something like that, I didn't go back and read again). What I wondered is, do you prepare the grid on your computer and then print it out, ias a whole, or are the photos seperate and you just cut them down to size? If you do prepare on the computer, what program do you do that in? Photoshop? Thanks, Jodie


Awesome page, Laura. Love it. Totally diggin' the silver gems, looks fab:)

Sandi N.


I love to see how you use embellishments. You have a talent for this. Your colors are so pretty on this layout.

Sandi N.


I love this Laura! Great idea! I need to get back into scrapping my photos again.

Sarah W.

This is lovely Laura! Great LO! Reminds to take pics of some of the everyday (I took pics of the BBQ last night). Thanks for sharing!

Paola Norman

I think it's a great layout and a great subject beause it represents you and that's important. Sometimes as women I think we over analyze weather something is good enough to scrap or not. I love the flower and the little silver balls, perfect!
Thanks for sharing your passion.
Have a great day,


I have a question . . . do you ever get tiered of me always telling you that your layouts rock!?! They do - what else can I say!!!

Thanks for sharing your details, inspiring me to create and of course finally starting my own blog :) So glad I ran across yours!

shemaine smith

this layout is beautiful and the silver accents are awesome! Great job!

Laura T.

Love the layout ... I love when you have question/answer sessions ... I asked my question the other day about what kind of trimmer you use. The only reason I asked was because I also use a Fiskars trimmer, but I've noticed lately that it's not cutting straight.

Sara Rossi

I just love when things just sorta "happen"! This is a perfect LO for the "ME" album! Love how you used that title block too--that would stump me! LOL!

alicia king

you are always so good to answer questions! very cute layout, as always!

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