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May 31, 2009



adorable layouts...as usual...:-) thanks for sharing! If you plan on having any classes at your house in the fall, I'm so there...I need a kick! :-)))


Wow, wow Laura! I love, love these. You really scrapped these in a way that doesn't take from the gorgeous photographs that Megan took. The color scheme too is beautiful. I really love the ketchup one...super cute. I'm sure we'll see that in a mag soon.
And her little guy is cute. Love those freckles and that journaling was really funny. I'm sure Megan is super happy about these. TFS!


Three layouts in one night??!!! I am soooo jealous. I have the same three pictures sitting on my desk that I took out a week ago and I still have no idea what to do with them.

As always, love your layouts.

Megan Cristello

I've told you that I love them..and I do..loving every little bit of each of them, just amazing..thank you again for doing these..so,so much!


They are just perfect! Just what you needed to get you out of your slump! I can relate...it sometimes gets old scrapping the same people!

Heather Ruwe

GORGEOUS! She is going to love these! :)


Adorable pages!


WOW!! Great job Laura - I just LOVE the bright colors. The title of the first one cracks me up, those green letters are cool and lovin' the cork on a non-school lo. You used glitter - you go girl - lol!! Love the black backing - makes it rock! Cute journaling story on the last one - he is CUTE!! And of course I love the AC number paper - big fan :)




Congratulations again!



Simply amazing! I wish the same thing would happen to me, and I would have three layouts done in one evening! That has never happened! LOL


Super cute layouts Laura!!! I love your color combinations.

Laura T.

Love the layouts ... the colors are great and what great Halloween costumes. Nicholas made me buy him that AM number paper the other day while at Michael's. He hasn't done anything with it yet ... I may have to borrow it ...


I love the costumes! How cool are those?!

I like the green on your blog. As soon as I clicked on your site I new something was different but I didn't know what. lol Its the green sides! I really like it!

Sara Rossi

Pure AWESOMENESS Laura!! (don't care if awesomeness isn't "technically" a word) Those costumes are fun & how can you not be inspired by those cuties?!?! LOVE the "ketchup" title block--you rock those tags! I bet Megan just loves these!

Mary MacAskill

Laura, you are brilliant! Love all these, and I can see what you mean about being inspired by her photos - Heck, I wanna scrap her kids! They are so adorable! I just love that first layout - the title is so cute!

Michelle W.

Wow, you can really tell that you were truly inspired last night. I always love your layouts but I think these are my faves!!


Perfect! Your layouts are perfect... Megan's children are perfect... it's all just PERFECT :) I LOVE IT!

Annette Scholtz

Love the colours. Beautiful

Wendy Sue

Wow, wow, wow! You are amazing - love every single one. Coming over to catch up has been a REAL treat, girl!!! :o)

Heather M.

wanna scrap some of mine?!??! hahaha!

her kids are so adorable! i found her blog through yours and have been following it ever since. she takes awesome photos!

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