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May 12, 2009



I loved seeing all your pics in the albums with the journaling and I saw a lot of unseen pics which made it even more entertaining!
Sarah under the desk was so cute!! And the cat was confusing me for a bit but then I remember you talking about that situation on FB.
And I stole one of your ideas for a pic. My kids were watching my husband do lawn work through the window tonight, so I snapped a pic of that.
Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer B.

Hi Laura,

I really love what you have done here with this album! Can you tell me more about it? Where did you get the album and page protectors? Did you make the little journaling cards and title cards yourself? They are SO adorable! If so, can you share how you are printing these? I just got started on the 365 project, a little late, I know, and I have no idea how to display all the photos. Your album seems like the perfect solution! Thanks for your time....


Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration to get me started!

I have this album, but I have yet to open the box!!! LOL


This is so cool. I am so impressed that you have kept up with it. I am hoping that they offer the kit again next year and I will get one.


That IS impressive - way to go!!!

Sandi N.


Wow...way to go!!! You have lots of pages finished. This is a very cool project.

I keep pulling mine out to put together for next year. This years is a little behind like three weeks.

Sandi N.


Thanks for sharing all your photos. It reminds me that I need to get cracking on my Project 365.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Laura T.

Looks AWESOME. I just ordered my pictures for April so as soon as I get them, all my pictures from January - April will be in the album. The journaling on the other hand is a completely different story. Every time I want to sit down to journal, I am interrupted and I need complete silence so I can concentrate on what I'm writing down. At least I write something down in a journal everyday to keep track of what's going on each day (will make it so much easier) when I finally find the time to sit down and write.

Sara Rossi

I feel SO far behind now!! You've got to feel so glad to be caught up. Love how you used the overlays! I think you motivated me to get my but in gear!

Mary Moisan

I love you pages and I love that you aren't freaking out about miss-spelled words and/or writing mistakes. It's real life. I wish CK would re-offer the kit. I missed out on getting it that first day and I still really want one or two. I don't care if I have to start it mid-year.


looks good! love it! knowing me, had I done one, I would take pictures everyday or pretend too, and then try to attempt to go back and journal in December...lol!


ya know... the more I see this unfold I LOVE the idea! danggit...i should have done this!

Erin Bassett

Great pages! -Doesn't it feel so great to be caught up?!

I'm with you on the spelling mistakes...I know I'm going to cringe when I go back & re-read what I wrote on my journaling cards LOL.


holy smokes! you should be very proud of yourself for keeping up this project. this is huge!!


How on earth can you remember 8 weeks worth? I've been trying to keep up as well and I have problems with less than a week ago. I've forgotten important events more than once and have had to try and fit a sentence in at the bottom ... and I've left out mundane events for the day because of the lack of the room.

So ... I'm almost all caught up with mine. I still have to transfer some journaling from the first few months (when I didn't have the kit).

My daughter broke my camera a few weeks ago and it took us almost two weeks to decide what to do and buy a new one ... so I'm also still trying to figure out how to handle that situation ...


Awesome job! ... I am getting behind on putting mine together... been busy living life, and scrapbooking it ;) Have all the pictures, just have to take the time to put them in the album and then write a bit.


Wow. So impressive. Didn't know what project 365 was - thanks for sharing. Wish I had gotten the kit. Maybe next year. :)

Heather M.

looks like you've been busy catching up! love seeing your photos of the day too!


looks awesome!

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