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May 08, 2009



Funny - when I saw your lo on MM I was wondering what the Hawaiian pic had to do with Joe & the girls - lol!?!?! Now I know!And I like your orig layout - I like what you did as a border.

I check out CropChoc a lot but I haven't bought anything yet. I may have to check it out w/ the free shipping tease!

Congrats again on the MM slice entries - so cool!

Hope you have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Enjoy your weekend!

Heather M.

holy, link crazy! lol!

love that layout - i think it's better with just the one photo! too funny! oops!

and when i saw that jar on the mm blog i thought it was soooo cool - was wondering who made it. i should have known it was you! :)

happy mother's day, laura! hope you have a great weekend!


That's so funny! I totally thought it was supposed to have two photos on it! Also, I thought that striped orange background was part of the layout! Haha!!! Well, I like it both ways :) Although now that I really look at it, that hawaiian pic does look kinda like it doesn't belong with the other one :)


Sorry about the MM mix up but I guess it makes for a funny stories!
So cool that your putting together a class that'll take place in New Zealand! Congrats!! and thanks for all the links!!


That is funny ... but both layouts look good :) I do like the original one better. They're both great projects!

Thanks for the links - I understand that it must have taken a long time to type those up. It really is amazing how time consuming blogging is!

I have checked out Crop Chocolate ever since you first mention it. Along with Peachycheap.com, I check it out pretty much every day. I did have to take it easy ... it was hard on the wallet! But, I still check it out in case there's something I just have to have!

wendy myers

You are too funny, I love the layout, and the jar. Why can't you go to New Zealand, I hear it is beautiful!

The Slice recipe box is a fantastic thing.
Peachycheap.com is another one of my favorite deal sites.

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow

Krista Lund

oh! i like the slice inspiration box and i don't even own a slice!


Hey Laura, just came over to say Happy Mother's Day :)

Laura T.

You're passing up the opportunity to go to New Zealand??? I'm sure it's a beautiful country to see; however, I don't think I could last the plane ride(s). Too many hours in the air for me.

Sandi N.


Lots of goodness shared on this blog. I appreciate all you do for us.

Sandi N.

Sara Rossi

Love the LO! I like both versions of it but I can see how that pic would look like in the jar. I have a jar done similar to that though yours is prettier! Can't wait for the recipe cards!

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