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May 26, 2009



I like your lined up look. I have a hard time putting my title somewhere new - I'll have to try the sketch ~ thanks!

What a fun thing for the girls to do w/ Joe :)

Heather Jordan

Very cute layout....all your layouts actually! Love coming here for ideas.
I have a quick question about what camera you use? I am looking at getting a Nikon D60.
You are always so helpful to me and you answer my questions so quickly!
Thanks Laura!

shemaine smith

Gosh I want a new camera. I get ok pics with my lil Fuji LOL but my heart is set on a Nikon! I love your layout and take on the sketch!


oh, what a cute sketch and the pics are perfect for this! love the color scheme too and the title. I could use a sketch to get caught up, thanks for sharing!

Lynn Ghahary

This is really cute Laura! Love the ribbon and flower details!

Krista Lund

i like this sketch...i am off to save it for that one day i actually scrap again! LOL

Sara Rossi

I see what you mean about this sketch! Those colors are just perfect for those pics! I can see myself using this sketch! Thanks Laura!

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