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May 24, 2009



Haha, I love that you just made up your own questions. You really make me laugh! You are my kind of girl! :). Thanks for all the great info! Your little 9x9 pages are so cute! I can't seem to get away from 12x12, but I did buy some 6x12 page protectors that I saw on Ali Edwards' page... Have to try that out sometime.

Beth Bo.

It's funny that you say you need a new blog banner because I was admiring your blog banner just a couple of days ago wondering if you had designed it yourself??? :)


I probably need a refresher course in making the collages, although I am pretty sure I saved the directions you gave me before! Cute layouts! You have been busy as usual! I have been immersing myself in camera info...I can understand now why some famous scrappers got out of it to pursue photography! It IS hard to balance both, and photography is so dang interesting! Hope you have a good week!


Your back - I was wondering where you've been. Crazy end of school year stuff takes over your life doesn't it!

Hope you had a good holiday weekend.

Sara Rossi

I wish I could have just a tiny bit of your mojo! I love how you make all those pics look so right on a LO & not at all cluttered! I'm always looking for a good trimmer--gotta check that one out. Happy you're twittering again!! I haven't given up on it but some days I tweet more than others--better than nothing! Here's a question---can you explain how you do your blog banner??

Annette Scholtz

Gorgeous LO - love the B&W photos.

Krista Lund

i haven't twittered in forever either...i just don't see the need with facebook, kwim??

Jackie T

you can also add your RSS feed address to your outlook (if you have it). all you do is click on the little orange square at the end of your typepad address, choose RSS from the list, copy the address it takes you to into your RSS feed section of Outlook and poof, everytime you update it is magically there. Very Easy. I have WAY TOO MANY, but yours is one I am always glad to look at.


Well gosh! I missed this blog entry last week. Sorry! I use Google Reader, which is quite dependable...but for some reason its having a problem telling me when you update your blog the last couple of time. I'm going to subscribe now because I feel bad and not happy that I'm missing your entries!
And I love this LO!! Its so unique and fun! The itty bitty pics are super cute.

Mary MacAskill

You are hilarious! I love that you asked your own questions! I think I need to subscribe to your blog, so I don't fall off the face of the internet-planet and miss out on so many posts!!!

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