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June 30, 2009



LOL you are too funny. Four years is a long time...in my two years it's neat to see how much things have changed. Congrats on your blogaversary!


Congratulations on your 4 year blogaversary! That's amazing that you've kept at it for this long.

Hmm...as to what's been different lately. One thing I've noticed is a lot less pics of your adorable day care children. Don't know if that's it though. =)


HI Laura, is it that you are redoing old layouts, love your blog read it daily


Hey Laura,
Not a night owl...early morning midwest girl...What's different about your bloggin? Not exactly sure...there haven't been many 365 posts lately? You seem to be trading more pictures with friends? Not sure!

Love your blog!

Leslie Murphy

I love your blog--and I scraplift a lot of your layouts too. Maybe what's different is that you have fewer photos of the daycare group?

Thanks for your giveaway.


Congratulations! Always love how you put your pages together and you taking the time out to explain the process, especially the collage type of layouts.


Your blog has been a great find for me -- love your style and I borrow ideas frequently for my own books. I am not sure what is different, but I have sure enjoyed looking back through your older posts to try to figure it out!! Seems like you are redoing some old things and you have a lot removed for publication -- that is cool. Congrats on the anniversary!


congrats on your anniversary laura--i've been a faithful follower for some time now and i love your blog---especially the kids posts--i've alwasy wanted to have my own child care center but i guess other things were in God's plan for me--there are 2 things i noticed about your blog recently--one is that some of your posts are talking about the kids {yours and the ones you keep} and that you have a different picture taken from time to time---i may be wrong but its a guess---love your blog!!

wendy myers

WOW! I was trying to remember how I found you and I must like you, cause I check you everyday and comment often. My favorite part is that you are not so big for your britches that you don't comment back, I love that! The fact that you take the time to respond personally to my comments is nice.

So with that said you would think I would know one thing that is different, so I will have to guess and say that you are redoing all your old albums????

Congrats on your 4 years of posting!!
Post ON Girlfriend!


4 years..long time for a blog and SO glad that you have stuck with it....I have read EVERY entry on your blog- took awhile, but enjoyed every minute.

The mian thing you have changed recently is that you use your blog for just scrappy related projects/ideas, no more pictures/details of your girls and your day care lovelies...and I am sure due to privacy reasons-which is VERY understandable...keep up with the great blog- your BIGGEST fan!

Staci Nay

I will just have to "settle" for the main giveaway. I would love pretty much anything. pick me. oh please, please, please, pick me!!!

Amy W.

Happy Anniversary tomorrow! Your first post and mine are very similar as I am sure everyone's was probably the same. Blogs are the best! I can't pinpoint what has changed, but my first thought (like many above) was that you are "revisiting" old layouts. Wonderful work!

Erika Hyde

I am a big fan of your blog too! I really enjoy your style. I'm not sure what you've changed because I've only been reading for a few weeks, but according to the others on here you aren't including your daycare kids anymore? :-) And I also noticed that you are updating your blog every other day, but not sure if that is a new thing or an old thing...Either way, keep up the great work. Congrats on 4 years in blog land and thank you for the inspiration!


Hi Laura.....wow 4 years of blogging is a great effort....you were one of the originals I'm guessing:-) Is the change that you are keeping it more scrap related now and less personal??? Not really sure but that's my guess.
Here's to another 4 years of your blogging inspiration.


Hi Laura...Congrats on 4 years!! I love reading your blog. Your pages are beautiful and I especially loved the series about your blogging space. It's so fun to see other peoples "work" space.

debbie susee

Just found your blog this week. Have loved getting a peak into your scrpbooks. Love your simple style.

Liz Butler

Hi Laura, I'm a big fan of your blog and a daily lurker. This is the first time I leave a comment. Congratulations on 4 years and thank you so much for all the inspiration.


I am guessing that you have been scrapping your kids and not your daycare kids and you have been redoing stuff. I have been in a blogging fog myself so I have not been stopping by as often as I should. Hanging head...;)Love the new Disney pages BTW.

Kerri Bradford

Hey Laura! I can't believe your blog anniversary is tomorrow too! My first anniversary is tomorrow--thinkin' about a giveaway as well, but have nothing planned as of yet. Guess I'd best get thinkin'. I, too, was just looking at my first posts last night! How weird is that? ;)

Congrats on four years! Lovin' what you share!

Kim Arnold

Hi Laura. Congrats on blogging for four years. I have been following your blog for a while now and I think the change has been redoing older layouts - but not 100% sure. I love your collage work and get a lot of inspiration from it!

Carolyn E

Congrats Laura! Wow, 4 years! Oh and also congrats on your scrap space spread in CK!

Changes? You have definitely been redoing more projects, no 365 updates and you've been blogging more about scrappy stuff than personal stuff.

But I so appreciate the sharing of your Disney album and pages! We went in April and I'm trying to have a plan set before I dive in! So between you and Nichol, I've gotten some great ideas!


Okay weird... I left a comment but it's not here! Anyway, I was just saying how much I love your blog and how I really love that you always take the time to reply to everyone. That's so awesome of you. You and Mary are really the only ones I know who always do that. And then I said... speaking of you and Mary, that's my guess for what's different... you two haven't done a challenge in a LOOOOOONG time :) Hehe, just giving you a hard time is all :)


I'm a big fan of your blog and your work. I just started a subscription to Cards magazine and I got so excited to some of your work in there. I love your style and mimic it a lot in what I create (which isn't much but when I have time....lol) Keep on blogging...congrats on 4yrs.

lori r

hI there!! yOu have been redoing old pages.. using lots of MM products.. hmm what else.. oh well.. pick me anyway;)


Congrats! I LOVE your style. Keep up the great work and thank you!

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