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July 08, 2009



Oooohhhhhh, I really like the calendar sprouts! Super cute! Are there separate months in there, or are they all of one month? thanks for sharing!


I love those... very cute!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!


Sandi N.


Oh those sprouts are great looking. They will be so much fun to use.

Sandi N.

Sara Rossi

So cute!! Love those calendar sprouts! Can't wait to see what you create with those!


This is the cutest photo of you! We both know I get the blah thing totally. lol I feel like I'm coming out of it today. Whew. lol


very cute layout!


I love this LO and the real journaling here. The pic is perfect for this too!
I missed adult conversation when I was on my maternity leaves, so I kinda know that feeling.
The peaks are cute. Love the sprouts!


yummy sneak!

congrats on the studio spread in ck! that's awesome!

Mary MacAskill

That photo makes me laugh! I remember you were having a blah day same as me. Imagine that! Thanks for the sneak peeks - they are cranking out some cool stuff!

Wendy Sue

I love the layout you created to go with your photo - and I love that you aren't afraid to scrapbook REAL life! Cute products - thanks for the peek! :o)


I remember that post... Too cute! And I love the sneak peek! I'm really liking the jillibean soup stuff!


I am loving the sneak peeks! Thanks!

Heather M.

totally love that layout! it's so real life!

and i am loving the jillibean soup sneaks!

Michelle W.

Cute layout!!! And oh my goodness, how cute are those calendar sprouts!


great lo! i just picked up some of their stuff. can't wait to use it :)

danni perez

i thought that i already commented on this post...sorry.
anyway, love this lo. your glasses are adorable!
~danni p


Love the layout! I need to do that ... print out my photos right away and scrap them. I keep telling myself I will and then I don't ... but watching you do it is so inspiring :)

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