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August 15, 2009



fun and cute card Laura...this is so sweet of you guys to put this together for Mary!

Rhonda Steed

Great card Laura! (love that you put on purple for Mary ) :)


Perfect, Laura. I love the card you made for Mary! I also like that you changed it up and used GREEN string ;) Yay! I wonder if I could color some string with glimmer mists? Hmm..... :)

Heather M.

hahaha! i LOVE the purple flower! I was gonna use flowers on my card too but never thought of using purple. :) :) :) you are awesome and so is the card!


Love the card! :)

lovely cee.

perfect purple flower for Mary!!! :)

this blog hopping party has been very very fun- Heather is brilliant for organizing this.


How sweet of you to use Mary's fave colour :)) I do hope that you and Mary will resume your challenges - I loved seeing the results this winter.

Mary MacAskill

heeeeheeeeheee! I'm laughing to myself. Laura, you're a stitch! Love that card - right down to that purple flower. Love you, girl, thanks for helping make my b-day special! XOXO

Sara Rossi

What a great friend you are! Love the card AND the purple flower! LOL!

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