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August 11, 2009



Cute photos! It is hard to believe how old they are getting. I left my camera battery at home, had my camera, so I had to recreate them after school! The girls' hair was all messed up and their clothes rumpled, but I got the pics! That cracks me up about last year's photos- that is something I would do! Are you all caught up on their school albums?

Laura T.

OMG - 8th grade ... are you ready for next year ... the big high school years? I absolutely LOVE the glasses.

Sara Rossi

GREAT pics Laura!! The girls must be thrilled (sorta) to be back in school! Seems like they're both hitting new milestones--very cool! And yes I saw the resemblance between you & Alyssa with the glasses! ;)


Your girls are just so adorable. Kids always seem to actually enjoy going back to school, despite how awful it may sound... :) They grow up so quickly, don't they? :)

Heather M.

Wow, I can't believe they are back in school already. We don't start here until the beg. of September.

Great photos!


I love these pics of the girls! You got great morning light and I'm so glad you actually got realy first day pics!!
I thought Sarah was wearing your glasses when I first saw the pic. They do look like yours! 8th grade sounded crazy and then when you said HS next year...oy!
Can't wait to see your creations with these!

Megan Renfree

The girls look great! Its always so weird to think they are just starting their year when my boys are now 8 months through theres. But it also means that spring must be on the way, so a big yay for that!!

Kathy F

Hey Laura! Great photos! I just might have to show Kelsey the pic of Alyssa's haircut. I have been trying to convince her to cut it a little so it's not such a tangled mess all the time (she hates brushing it). This morning she mentioned the idea of cutting it a little so wish me luck! Also, had to laugh at Sarah telling you you're not needed to walk her into class, Kelsey was in 5th grade upstairs and I was told right off the bat that I was not needed and parents don't come upstairs!! This year she'll be at a different school for a fine arts program (specializing in music art and drama) she is ready right now and we don't start until Sept 1st.
take care and have a great night! Kathy F

Sandi N.


Your girls are growing up. It is so hard to face I know oh to well. I am sort of feeling a tad sad too. I want them to say this age forever.

You have lovely girls. I know you are so proud of them. I would be too, you are doing a wonderful job parenting.

Thanks for sharing.

Sandi N.

Lynn Ghahary

Awwww! They both look absolutely adorable and ready to conquer the world ... or at least school! LOL I can't believe how grown up Alyssa looks with her glasses on. You must be one proud mama! :)


They look so beautiful! You must be so proud! Love the photos of your girls!!! Children grow up so quickly!!! I wish they would stop!

Mary MacAskill

What cuties! In just the time that I've known you, they've changed so much! It's crazy how childhood moves so quickly (well, at least from a momma's perspective)!


Laura great photos, I used to take a 1st day of school photo for years, then my son decided NO MORE.... lol Love the photo of Alyssa with her studious look :-) it's amazing how fast they grow. My children are 33 and 20 respectively... now thats old.


Wow they are getting SO big - great pics!!!


2 minutes!! it doesn't get easier? does it? that is why i bought my daughter her own little camera and whenever they go out for movies or visit friends, the camera goes along and i really get nice photos.
your girls are really cute lara, like the glasses on alyssa, very YOU!!

danni perez

glad to hear your cuties made it off to school okay. tell your daughter she looks so sophisticated with your glasses.


happy back to school! the girls are so beautiful! :D

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