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August 14, 2009


cheri p.

I can't scrap w/o my paper trimmer and chocolate :)

Rachael Swan

I can't scrap without buttons!! :)


I can't scrap without my little sketch pad to draw things out with first.

Sara Rossi

I can't scrap without my ruler (which HAS to be metal not plastic) & craft knife.

Carmel Keane

I can't scrap without something to nibble on and my pussycat lying near-by.

Amy Arthur

I have to have my mechanical pencil. Once I get a layout the way I want it I use my pencil to make little tick marks so when I go to make it permanent, it turns out the way I originally laid it out.


It has to be my trimmer that I can't scrap without. This has been fun getting to know all of you! Thanks!!


I can't scrap w/o my Revolution and my latest stamp addiction...Unity Stamps...I would love to win some Jillibean goodies...love everything Jillibean!

andrea f.

A pencil! Can't scrap without one :) Thanks for a chance to win a fun giveaway!


I cannot scrap without my t-square & Dot-n-Roller!

rebecca k

I cant scrap without a really good paper trimmer. I am a spaz with an exacto knife so a good trimmer is a MUST! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

kathy m

A paper piercer. That thing comes in handy all of the time. When in doubt take it out and use it to get the job done.

karen L

AWK!! That prize is AWESOME!! Stamps and sprouts, what more could a scrapper want?!! I also have rulers all over the place, but I never use them to measure...but instead, to make straight lines! I'm an eyeballer type of crafter but I can't draw a straight line to save myself!
Therefore, my very most important tool is my paper trimmer so I don't HAVE to draw or cut straight lines!

Laura Fitzmaurice

I think the one thing I always get out besides my ruler is my Exacto knife.


I think we all NEED the basics, the trimmmer, ruler, adhesive, cardstock etc but the things I LOVE to scrap with are a whole other story, now that is a very long list. Just a few... my cuttlebug embossing folders and quickutz dies, ink, stamps, string, buttons, brads, pattern paper, I could go on and on...


my pen. I can't scrap without my pen. To doodle, to write, to draw, to think.


I can't scrap without ma scissors...
Thanks for this game !

Cindy D

I can't scrap without my music. Right now my band of choice is the Randy Rogers Band! The music seems to really keep me moving!


I love my Basic Grey magnetic cutting mat. It is my foundation when I am working! I would be a bit lost without it!

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