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August 18, 2009


Shir Benovich

Great layout, I may use it with my 5 years old girl's birthday party pictures :-)


Great idea, simple but really cute.

Megan Renfree

You always rock the multi photo layouts!!! I am totally copying this one...again! :o) And I have been holding out on those wooden letters but don't think I can anymore, I keep seeing layout after layout with them. I think I will have to go get them after all!!!


Laura, love this layout. I am in love with the 4 x 6 tip you gave us...using it all the time. It makes it so much easier when I have lots of photos from the same thing!


Monica G

I so love when you do these photo collages, they are so great and you can put so many photos on there! I am going to practice in my pse trying to resize my photos and have them printed...I just always forget to do play arond with it and then I need the photos quick and just print all haphazardly wasting lots of paper, or I order wallets that cost more than a 4x6! UGH! I promise to get better, you are my inspiration!


oh i love love love this! ... this will be stashed away in my memory for future use :)

Sara Rossi

I just LOVE multi-pic LO's....especially super fast easy ones! You are constatnly inspiring! Great idea to do the title on the journaling sheet with the "A" that's on the sheet!!


I really love this idea great job once again my friend!

michelle lanning

ohh totally cute - Ineed to do one of those!!

Carine Hartman

This layout loks realy ease to make . I will make on of those in no time ( I hope so )


Super fun layout! You got a lot of photos on this one! (:

Sandi N.


I just love your GREAT tips and layouts. Thanks so much for your time and talent.

You now have me doing layouts with collage photo layouts and I just love it. I have more photos in my album than ever.

Many Thanks
Sandi N.


Lovely pictures and layout!!
Thanks for your tip on sketches again, coming on nicely.

krolski (kathy)

I love your LO Laura. I'm going to read up on how you do this in photoshop and give it a try. Thanks!!


You are the queen of collages and making something that looks so hard a little bit easier.
That product line really coordinates well with the pics. Love everything about the LO!

Heather M.

totally awesome! i love photo collages!

Heather Ruwe

hi laura! i absolutely love this. great idea! i bet it feels good to get 16 photos on one page and look so clean. thanks for sharing!


Hi Laura, thanks for sharing your talent.
I´m a really fan of you and your layouts.

Simple and beautiful layout.
You are my inspiration.

Thanks a lot!


I'm determined to learn some decent photoshop skills so I can do the wallet size pics - I'm finding I really love them and want to use them all the time right now!! I've been paying .13 cents a sheet at Costco to get one wallet. I cut and pasted all your steps into Word and I hope to try it this weekend - thanks!

Sasha Farina

what a great way to use tons of photos!! love love love the layout Laura!

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